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Who Is Eligible for Social Security Disability?

If you’ve been diagnosed with a disabling condition that has prevented you from being able to work, you may be looking into what your options are for supporting yourself and your family. Fortunately, you might be able to secure Social Security disability (SSD) benefitsif you meet the eligibility criteria. Continue reading to learn more about the requirements for SSD eligibility.

Meeting the Requirement for Social Security Disability Eligibility

Before the Social Security Administration (SSA) will approve your claim, you will need to prove that your condition is disabling. This means that you are unable to work in your current field, or any other industry, for that matter.

Your condition must also be considered “severe,” meaning it physically prevents you from doing basic activities. The SSA even maintains a specific list of conditions that are considered to be disabling. If your condition is on this list, then you should have no trouble getting your claim for SSD benefits approved.

The Work Credits You Need to Meet SSD Eligibility Criteria

In addition to being considered disabled, you must also have earned enough work credits to collect SSD benefits. You can collect SSD benefits once you’ve earned forty work credits, and twenty of these credits will need to have been earned within the last ten years.

Each person can earn a maximum of four work credits per year. Once you’ve earned enough work credits and met the disability requirements, the SSA will be able to approve your claim for the benefits you need to continue providing for yourself and your family.

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