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Tennessee Victims’ Rights Attorneys

If you have had your rights violated or a crime committed against you, it could be time to hire a Tennessee victims’ rights attorney. Whether you suffered harm in an assault, were a victim of a crime, or if the police violated your constitutional rights, the Tennessee victims’ rights attorneys at Raybin & Weissman can help you.

When someone else commits a crime that harms you or violates your rights, you should seek legal help. Every case is different, and your attorney needs to evaluate the details of what happened carefully to determine your legal options. For instance, in some cases, victims must take action against the government, which involves different procedures than seeking compensation from a private individual or company. Having the right legal representation is critical to ensure you obtain all the compensation and legal relief available to you.

Some of the most common violations that may require the help of a Tennessee victims’ rights attorney are below. To discuss your specific situation, reach out to the victims’ lawyers of Raybin & Weissman for help today.

Police Brutality

Excessive force and other types of unlawful physical acts by police officers regularly cause serious physical and emotional injuries to citizens. Any time an officer engages in unlawful conduct, the victims or their families should consult with an attorney about their legal rights and options. If the police used force against you, and you suspect it was excessive, let our team evaluate your rights.

Prison abuse is another common violation of a citizen’s rights. Just because someone is behind bars does not mean they lose all their rights, and victims can take action if they suffer injuries due to prison negligence or misconduct. This can include medical negligence, assault by a prison guard, or even guards failing to prevent serious harm caused by other inmates.

False Arrest

False arrest is a common problem in the modern United States, especially with racial profiling. A false arrest or wrongful conviction may involve illegal search, seizure, and even detainment. An unlawful arrest involves depriving you wrongfully of your freedom. If the arrest happens without due process and probable cause, you may need a victims’ rights attorney to help you.

Sexual Abuse

If someone sexually abused you or someone close to you, it can warrant compensation in a civil lawsuit. For example, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit if a clergy member sexually assaulted you. Victims of sexual abuse need skilled advocates who can provide compassionate yet aggressive representation, no matter what the context of their sexual abuse or assault might be.

Some particularly concerning situations involve abuse by an authority figure. This might include sexual abuse by a:

Such parties have the opportunity to wrongfully influence and abuse vulnerable victims. When someone with authority commits abuse, the victim deserves to hold them fully accountable for their misuse of power. Our attorneys can help you stand up to abusers of yourself or your child.

Restraining Orders

In some situations, a victim of assault or abuse might need to seek a restraining order against the offender, also known as an “Order of Protection.” This type of court order prohibits someone from contacting a victim or possessing a weapon, among many other things. If an offender violates a restraining order, they can face serious legal penalties.

Restraining orders can be available for:

Victims might obtain a temporary order right after an assault occurs, but to obtain a long-term order, they must appear at a court hearing, and the abuser also has the right to defend against the order. If the judge rules in favor of the victim, the restraining order will be extended for a full year, and the abuser will be ordered to pay the victim’s legal fees. Always seek legal help if you need to obtain a restraining order following assault or abuse.

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Many victims do not fight for their civil rights in court because they think it is too costly to hire an attorney. Fortunately, our victims’ rights attorneys work on a contingency basis in most cases. You will not pay legal fees unless you win a settlement or verdict in your favor. Never avoid seeking legal assistance due to financial concerns, as you will owe nothing up front for our representation.

If you think your rights have been violated because of the misconduct of another person or entity, you could be entitled to compensation in a civil lawsuit. The victims’ rights attorneys at Raybin & Weissman can determine if your rights were violated and what damages you can seek for legal relief. We can help you pursue a civil claim in the appropriate Tennessee state court or federal court.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Our compassionate team regularly stands up for the rights of victims, and we are ready to discuss your situation.