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David has the experience, grit and determination to get you fair and just compensation. He has your back, all the way through the process. Not afraid to go to trial. Easy to deal with.


David and his paralegal Sharon were absolutely wonderful. I needed help with my disability claim and had actually been turned down by other lawyers. He advised me before even charging a single penny. He told me what documents I needed to pull together, how the disability process works, and it’s pitfalls, and he advised me on how to communicate with Social Security. All before I even hired him. I did wind up having to go all the way through to the court process, at which point I hired him. He prepared me to go to court, and then he was there to represent me in the court process. It went so well that we didn’t even complete all the questions before the judge asked the Medical assessor for his opinion. It was favorable, and I was granted disability back to my last day of work, and of course, going forward. I highly recommend David and his team. He’s easy to work with, very personable, very knowledgeable, and he gets the job done!


I had the pleasure of working with David and his staff recently, and I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. From the very beginning, David set clear expectations and guided me through the entire process. Communication was seamless, with David and his team always available to address any questions or concerns promptly. I truly appreciated the professionalism and efficiency demonstrated from start to finish. I highly recommend David and his team for their exceptional service.


Attorney Weissman and his staff are an absolute pleasure to work with. The constant communication and professionalism was nothing short of perfection and I highly recommend this law firm for any case you may be going through. Unlike billboard law firms you see at every turn, Attorney Weissman and staff truly care about their clients well-being and not just a quick resolution. You will not simply be a case number but rather, a part of their family.


After my accident I called around and spoke to multiple people. Mr Weissman was the only lawyer that I spoke to who made me feel like he actually cared. He took on my case and made it a very easy process. He was always very direct and straight forward with me and always just an email or call away. He and his team were beyond kind and fought for me. It was refreshing to have someone looking out for me and not their pockets. I am 100 % satisfied with his service and would recommend him to anyone!


Had a great experience with great results as I was on the verge of losing my vehicle and my horse but with the settlement David got me I got to keep them both. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs professional, hard working compassionate legal representation.


David advised us honestly through our entire case. In the beginning we lost our case but after going to trial he & Ben along with the help of Sharon won our case. My husband and l highly recommend David and his team for whatever needs you may have even when it involves the Government.


When I was injured in a car accident I was already undergoing treatments for a complex medical condition. My hope was flickering when new injuries from the car accident added devastating complications to my day to day life. Dave was compassionate, kind and generous with his guidance and professionalism. He met me where I was at - all along the way - and stayed honest with me about my options. I am grateful for his honesty and humility. His paralegal, Sharon, is a gem. She truly cares about each person they work with and goes the extra mile!


Attorney Weissman did an amazing job. He was extremely communicative throughout the whole case. The outcome he projected the day we met was the outcome we received. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needed legal assistance with any personal injury case.


David was very patient and kind during the process and insisted I focus on getting the right medical care and my recovery. He reached out to me regularly checking on the medical care I was receiving, how I was doing, and kept me abreast as to what was happening with the case. Thank you David.


Dave was very personable and kind, and he got me a much higher settlement than I expected!


As someone who never had a lawyer, David made everything as simple as possible. He is very easy to communicate with and provides all the answers and support you will ever need. If I ever need a lawyer again, David will be my first choice to contact.


David was on top of our case from day one and completely handled our case with all the burden and stress taken off of us. He was there all the time and was available 24/7 for any questions we may have for him.The end result made us very happy and we would hire him in a heartbeat if needed to again.


I would only Trust David Weissman. We are so grateful we found David Weissman! David was amazing to work with and put us at ease at every opportunity, during a very stressful time. I can’t imagine working with anyone better!


David was very efficient and easy to talk to. Every step went just as he said it would. No surprises. Great job Mr. Weissman.


David took my case and dug in deep to get me better results than I thought possible. I was scared The insurance companies were taking advantage of me and my situation. I handed over all my information to David and I didn’t have to deal with the insurance companies again. I wouldn’t hesitate to see him again if the need arises again.


I met David back in 2011, I was in pretty bad car accident the day before my first son was born. So needless to say I needed an injury lawyer. I talked to a couple injury lawyers and they seemed almost irritated by my case I guess because it wasn’t a multi million dollar one and it gave me a bad gut feeling. Then I talked to David and we hit it off right away, it was like talking to a close friend or family member. He put my needs first and made sure everything was taking my care of during the whole process. I barely had to lift a finger. He did all the work and everything went really well. I was beyond happy the way everything went. He truly is amazing at his job and a very good man. I’m happy I hired him. It’s now 2018 and I used him 2 more times for cases since my first case and they all went extremely well just like the first case. I highly recommend hiring David, you won’t be disappointed that’s for sure.


I used Dave for an accident I was involved in and he was fantastic – responsive, professional and thorough. Highly recommend him and his staff.


I am the mother of Jason Toll he was killed on aug 17 2010. This man has done everything in his power to help me get justice for my only son who was mentally ill put into solitary .He has fought for me for 8 years and we just won in appeals court today. He never gave up when times looked bad for us he would always turn things around. I feel I was Blessed to have him for my attorney. He is the best if you want justice.


David Weissman represented my case in the most professional manner. Thanks for fighting for me. I would definitely recommend Mr Weissman to anyone.


David Weissman provided excellent legal care for me. I write care, because that is descriptive of how it felt to have someone on my side. I worried that after being hit by a truck on the highway, that I would be left with life-long issues regarding my spine and neck. I also worried about all the doctor bills that resulted from the accident. Up to the point of the accident, I rarely saw a doctor, but after the accident found myself seeing several doctors. Hiring David Weissman was the best thing I ever did! He did a great job representing my case and worked to clear up all the medical bills. I wish that no one ever had to experience an accident but if they do and they need a lawyer I will certainly recommend David Weissman. David and his team are top-notch!


Mr. Weissman represented my case amazingly. He has represented me in the past I would recommend anyone to Mr. David Weissman. Thank you so much to fighting with my best interest in mind and helping me get what I deserved for my injuries from my accident.


I have had to seek counseling twice and Attorney David Weissman represented me in both cases. He made sure that I was kept fully informed and properly expectation were set. Mr. Weissman made sure that I was properly compensated for my loss and I appreciate the time and patience that he invested into my case.


Dave Weissman provided us excellent representation for our auto accident. He thoroughly explained the process to us at the beginning and kept us informed every step of the way through to the settlement. We received an excellent result and cannot thank him enough. We highly recommend Dave.


After I failed to be approved for S S Disability,a friend said he had success with Atty. David Weissman. I called David Weissman and explained my particular situation. David was very patient and answered all my questions, then added that he could help me. He guided me step by step when I reapplied for S S Disability. With his guidance I received Disability in full. Thank You! For a job well done!


David from the beginning helped me understand the process of the lawsuit. He told me what I needed to do on my part and he will take care of everything else from the insurance companies, behind the scenes things that I was not able to do. He checked on me through out the time I was with him. He encourage me to get second opinion’s on matters that needed it also. Not one time during the process was I uneasy with me. He is very friendly, professional and treats you like a human being and not a paycheck. He cares about you and your well being. Of you do what he tell you do for your part then you will be very pleased with the results. When we got it the end of it all he was there to answer any questions I had regarding the settlement and he was always answered back timely. I would recommend him to anybody no matter small the accident is he will guide you and tell you straight forward what will go on through your case. I was nervous at first meeting with a lawyer but he made it feel so comfortable. I and talk to others on the phone and didn’t go with them cause they didn’t take the time to listen to me and my concerns. David is the best and you will always feel like you are on his mind nothing less than outstanding professional behavior from David. That is David for always helping me out through this process.


David Weissman is an excellent Lawyer, I would recommend him to anyone who wanted a fair honest assessment and treatment for your case. I appreciate how easy he was to work with and how genuinely kind and considerate he treated our case and my son. Great experience and I highly recommend this Lawyer

-Sandra E.

I’m very thankful that my good friend referred me to David Weissman when I was in a car accident and the other driver lied and tried to deny fault. David was extremely caring, helpful, professional and thorough. He took great care of everything and made sure that we had a positive outcome.


I am the parent of Jordan, the young man who was tased more than 40 times by the Cheatham Co. Sheriff’s Dept. We contacted David Weissman and Benjamin Raybin to discuss suing the sheriff’s dept. I had previously contacted 4 other firms and had been turned down.
Mr. Weissman saw the photo evidence of Jordan’s tasing burns and immediately scheduled a consultation with us. Several months and several meetings later, we have settled this suit, very much to our liking. Throughout this experience, Mr. Weissman worked diligently and professionally, with the highest standards, keeping us informed and answering every single question or concern. We never felt left out, or wondered what was going on.
The intelligence and expertise shown by Mr. Weissman makes him a very desirable attorney for any civil or injury need. Jordan and I now feel like he is a friend to us, as well as an attorney. I highly recommend him. You will have to search long and hard to find anyone better.


Mr. Weissman came to my house, personally, following my car accident and handled all aspects of the case himself, without having to go through a paralegal at any point. I initially interviewed him because of his credentials I saw online but selected him after talking with him about his willingness to go to court, if needed, and not just settle the case. Also he assured me he would be reachable when needed which he always was. That is saying a lot. He was friendly and confident and always repeated any information I didn’t understand with a good attitude. He always showed empathy for the suffering I went through and he kept me clearly informed each step of the way on my case. I could in no way have been able to represent my own legal interests without a good lawyer like Mr. Weissman and I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case.


I came to Mr Weissman through his partner, David Raybin, who has an excellent reputation in Nashville. Mr. Raybin referred our case to Mr. Weissman, who specializes in personal injury and auto accident cases. Mr. Weissman did not disappoint. He showed excellent judgment in planning our case and then true expertise in prosecuting the case against the insurance company. The result of his efforts led to a truly extraordinary settlement in our favor in light of the particular facts and circumstances of the case. Mr. Weissman and his staff were responsive and professional throughout. I highly recommend Mr. Weissman for auto accident and personal injury cases.


My mother was on a vacation with her church group to Nashville,TN. Upon the last day of her trip getting ready to leave from the hotel, Her foot caught in a bad area rug in the hotel lobby and fell and broke her femur with a compound fracture. Realizing that mom would face a lot of pain and rehabilitation, I ask for the hotel to share their part of responsibility for the accident. To no avail I was unable to get any cooperation from the hotel corp. I began my search for a local attorney and was lucky enough to find Mr. David Weissman. Wow!!!!! Could not have been a better selection. It was almost like a God send. This man was exactly the type of Attorney my mother needed. My mom is a quite and humble christian mother never looking to cause trouble or blame but needed someone just like David.
When I called David and told him what had happened and where and sent pictures, he was also amazed. He had had a similar case recently from the same hotel with the same rug with the same picture and was surprised I was sending him a picture of the fall area in which he had the very same from the previous client he represented. Furthermore, David was so caring and compassionate towards my Mom and my family. It was as if God himself chose him to represent my Mom. David , every step of the way kept us informed about what he would be doing and how he would be helping. We never felt neglected or put off. It felt very personable. As if we were his very own family members. We cannot sing enough praises for his compassion and tireless efforts to help give my Mom the representation she needed to help her achieve a settlement claim that was worthy of her injury and her pain and recovery. I most certainly would recommend David with a 10 Star review. I am very grateful as a son trying to help look out for his mom to have someone like David who took such a personal interest in helping mom have the representation legally that she needed.
Thanks again David for all of your hard work, legal knowledge and tireless and personal efforts you offered to my mom and family.


David handled my disability claim for me, was more than fair, and made a great settlement.


Mr. Weissman was referred to me after I was injured in a car accident. I had never been involved with a lawsuit before and was hesitant to proceed. During my first meeting with Mr.Weissman, all hesitation went away and I felt confident that he would handle my case with care. He was extremely responsive to emails and phone calls and his office was organized in handling all documentation. Mr.Weissman and his office were professional and easy to work with. Dave worked hard to ensure a fair settlement and I would HIGHLY recommend him.


Working with Attorney Weissman and his law firm made my families unfortunate accident a very pleasant experience….Very professional and genuine concern for my case was taken and made a priority….Attorney Weissman made me feel very special…..I would definitely recommend him and his firm for all of your legal needs….You will be more than satisfied my family and I definitely were…


After being injured in an auto accident, Dave gave honest legal advice and guidance pertaining to my options. I am so thankful for his vast knowledge, experience and dedication to his clients. I was incredibly satisfied with the outcome of my case. Quite simply, if Dave expresses confidence in your case, hire him. You will not be disappointed!


I am from California and I had a personal injury during my visit in Nashville. I found Dave Weissman through AVVO. After reviewing his credentials through Google, I felt comfortable to contact him. Dave and his team did an amazing job! Dave is very straightforward, candid, passionate and an extremely knowledgeable lawyer. He never misguided my expectation, he was extremely realistic and I fully trust him. I highly recommend Dave.


David Weissman was a great attorney to have on my side. He is kind, pleasant, and very knowledgeable. From the very start I felt nothing but comfortable and secure with him handling my case. I would recommend him without a second thought!


Dave was recommended to me from a co-worker. I had not heard of him and was not sure what to expect when meeting with him. From the second we shook hands I was immediately comforted and felt like I was going to be very well taken care of in this matter. He was very informative and always stayed in touch with me. His assistant Ashley is just as awesome as he is and I would recommend his services to anyone.


I was sent to talk with David by a family friend.I am very pleased with the outcome of my case. He was easy to speak with. David was easy to get in touch with to answer any questions i had. I could tell he was looking out for my interest..


I can report that Mr. Weissman is a consummate professional and he is also very personable. Mr. Weissman was my attorney on a very complex and lengthy case. He handled the case as if it was a chess game. He calculated each maneuver and always stayed steps ahead of the defense team. I never questioned whether or not he was looking out for my best interest. I have worked with numerous attorneys my entire career and his knowledge of the law was very impressive!! He was always responsive and always either accepted my calls or called me back within a very reasonable time. I was very pleased with him as an attorney and the work he did on my case. I also enjoyed working with him as he made me feel as comfortable as possible throughout a very difficult process. I highly recommend Mr. Weissman as a plaintiff’s attorney – and as a person who is great to know!!


What I appreciate most about Mr. Weissman is his candor. Rather than allowing me or my husband to have unrealistic expectations about the potential outcome of our case/situation, Mr. Weissman was forthcoming with the strengths and weaknesses of the case/situation. At the same time, Mr. Weissman defended our position in a way that made us feel genuinely supported.


David Weissman is an excellent attorney who successfully defended me against a well planned scam that could have easily cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is a great analyst and very creative at his work. He always kept me well informed about what needed to be done and what the situation of the case was. Most importantly, he kept the stress away from me and was professional and honest at all times. I would work with him at any given time again. My thanks to him, I really appreciated all his excellent work and I wanted to share my good experience with everyone here.


David worked many, many long tireless days and nights on my case. He persevered when the times sometimes looked very bleak. He kept me informed throughout the whole process. David is a brilliant, and respectable lawyer who I entrusted my family and our future with. I would highly recommend David as an attorney.