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Client Testimonials

Mr. Raybin is an angel sent from above. He responded to an email inquiry I had late at night and gave me helpful information that I hadn’t come across in 8 years of looking. I appreciate him and was able to resolve the matter. If you’re considering Raybin & Weissman, give them a chance. I believe you’re in excellent hands.


David Raybin performed a valuable service to me upon my return from Iraq. I have recommended him to several friends and all report being very satisfied and grateful for his assistance. He is considered by the legal community and the media as a legal scholar and subject matter expert in criminal and civil law. A review of his many cases will reveal many high profile successful outcomes. I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone needing legal counsel. Competent, professional, aggressive, and brilliant best of the best.


To David Raybin and Ben Raybin:
I am overwhelmed with the professionalism and the zealousness with which you [David and Ben Raybin] helped my son. An amazing job all around! My family is forever indebted.


Mr Raybin is the very best attorney one could hope for. He was attentive, responsive, knowledgeable, thoughtful and effective. We could not have been in better hands and have enormous respect for him.


To David Raybin. Case dismissed, Thanks a ton. I just want to extend a big thank you for the help with this little predicament. Everything went exceptionally well. I can move forward in confidence without worrying about this snafu following me in my career. I’ve got so much going on right now between work, and the job search that this could’ve been a huge pain. You guys handled it swiftly and I appreciate it. I hope I never require your services again but if anyone I know finds themselves in trouble I know who to send them to. Thanks again.


As the relative of a mentally ill young person who was thrust into the Tennessee Criminal Justice system, I cannot overstate the gratitude we feel for Mr. David Raybin for guiding us to an optimum outcome. The charges and potential penalties at issue were too important to entrust to any attorney but the very best, and we feel fortunate to have had Mr. Raybin on our side. Going in, we were scared silly, completely naive, and clueless as to what we were facing, as I suspect most folks would be. We had lots of questions! Mr. Raybin kept us completely informed every step of the way and was always accessible. Of course he is certainly knowledgeable, but he also never failed to be gracious and understanding in dealing with some tough psychological issues. From my family’s perspective, he went well above and beyond our expectations. We knew going in of his sterling reputation, and we now know it is well-deserved. To anyone finding themselves in similar circumstances, I highly recommend him.


I want to thank you again for all your help and support with my case. Your expertise and consummate professionalism not only helped me get the best possible outcome, they were also a source of strength that helped me and my family through a very traumatic time. Your reputation as “the best” is well earned, and I will recommend you without hesitation.
Thank you.


I wanted to thank you again for everything you did in representing me today. Even now, I’m still realizing just how blessed I am at this “second chance” which you made possible for me. I sincerely appreciate you taking my case. I also was grateful that you stayed with me to the very end of the probation procedure, which I noticed none of the other attorneys doing for their clients. Thank you


I simply cannot thank you enough for what you have done for the D. family. Your expertise was beyond more than any of us could have hoped for, but more than that your patience, effort and friendship helped take us all over a very dark period in our lives


I can breathe again! There is no way I can thank you adequately for all you have done to help me. You fought for us in ways that no one else would or could. Your kindness, generosity, and resolve (some would call it “no deal” stance) have been extraordinary.


Thank you for your assistance during our recent difficulties in Nashville. Your very timely and reassuring response was a great source of comfort to us and within a very short time, your promise that “we (would) get through this,” seemed possible. I particularly appreciate your sound guidance both regarding the cause of action to take with Vanderbilt as well as how to deal with J. Yours was truly the voice of reason and I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to have had the benefit of your counsel.


David, David, David, what can I say except thank you so very much for your input in gaining my release. I want to drop by for a few minutes upon my release to say hello and thank you in person. I have a very good friend coming up for parole in January that’s interested in hiring you. Again, thank you and my family thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.


My Husband and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you formally for representing him at his parole hearing. The care and concern evident by you makes us realize we live in a society where one can make a mistake but guidance and support changes our lives and we deserve the right to prove ourselves. Respectfully yours.


I wanted to thank you again for your assistance and wise counsel with my recent difficulties in Nashville. Your counsel and assistance took a great load off of my mind and allowed me to concentrate on the more pressing matters of the day. Trying criminal cases is difficult enough. Without the willingness of fellow members of the bar to sacrifice their time and come to our assistance, it would be nearly impossible.

-D.S. (an attorney)

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help. This has been one of the most trying times of me and my family’s life. Your concern, legal abilities and kindness are greatly appreciated.


You are an inspiring man. I cannot say how much your fighting for us has meant to me, to C., and especially to J. No one who even knows you will be a loser. We were able to fight with you , to know your wisdom, courage, and compassion; to feel your balanced hope and compromise. We would never have received any question from the system without you and we are so thankful for your help and for standing with us and for us. I understand that this is your favorite wine so please celebrate. Thank you.


You really came to my family’s rescue at a time that was crucial to both her well-being and that of ours. We are grateful for your dedication to helping those of us who call upon you in these serious times. I believe that you can do what you say you can, as long as you have the cooperation of those that are being helped. Now, about that walking on water . . . just how DO you do that?


I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the work you did on my case. I know that in the general scheme of things, my case was probably pretty small compared to other deals you work on, but the time you gave to it was just the right amount to fix things up. I am indebted to you, as are my mother and father. I think it is more than safe to say that I have learned my lesson and I will be sure to keep my nose clean from here on out. I hope your holiday season isn’t too busy. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thank you.


Thank you so much for help with K.A. We are certain you are not a lawyer at all, but an angel practicing law.

-D & J

Please know my great and sincere appreciation for your time spent with me regarding my son, E. Your knowledge, skill and integrity are wonderful companions with your compassion. Our Lord be with you always in all ways.


There aren’t enough words for me to express how much T. and I thank you for everything you did and have done for us. I know in my heart that my son wouldn’t be here today if you hadn’t done all that you did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will never forget all the wonderful things you did for us, all of your hard work, your time and all of your efforts. You are a lawyer God sent to us, you are such a wonderful man and we have been very blessed to have met you and to have had you in our corner helping us, and because of all of your help and efforts. T. is with me today and I take case and God Bless.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am keenly aware that in the “big picture” of your practice, I am just a tiny speck, but I need you to know that you’ll never have a more grateful client. You saved my life. I really can’t imagine what it would have been like to have the children who trust me – and have trusted me through the years – hearing the horrible garbage about me on the news. I have no doubt that you would have fought for me and proved my innocence, but by then the damage would have been done. Please add my thanks to your mother for teaching you to read!!


You are the type of lawyer they talked about in law school and suggested we strive to become. Thank you, it was an honor to be in the courtroom with you.

-K. T. (A lawyer on “other side” of the case)

Outstanding Counsel and Aid; Avoided All Charges. 5.0 stars.


You’ll never know how much your support meant to us! I know exactly why you are listed on “The Best 100 Lawyers in America” . . . God put you there!!! You’re the best and your purpose is BIG!!!


Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and such short notice to provide me with council. Your encouragement and advice helped me through the hearing. I appreciate everything that you have done to help me. Enclosed is the check to pay for your services. Thank you again!


W. and I want to thank you for representing our son-in-law R.G. in Montgomery County Court in May, in Clarksville. You did a great job and we appreciate the fact that you worked out a retirement of charges with nothing showing up on his record. We had not realized this was possible. We appreciate what you did beyond words.


I contacted David when I was being threatened with felony indictment for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. He was the only attorney to answer my call (out of four) and immediately provided a thorough evaluation of my circumstances and clear description of his rates.


We will forever count David Raybin as a true ally and friend. We strongly believe his willingness to fight for us in the confusing and difficult legal world quite literally saved our lives and will allow our family to move forward together. When you’re facing the worst scenario one could imagine, you want David Raybin on your team. We found him to be honest, fair, and extremely diligent in bringing our case to a close. He is absolutely the best.

-A Very Grateful Parent

If there is ever a serious problem with your family and the law, run (don’t walk) to the office of David Raybin! He has saved us from injustice, expensive litigation and embarrassment. We come from a family of lawyers, so we knew whom to hire when this bombshell hit us unaware. Thank you, David, for your inspired and caring representation.


David Raybin was the best possible lawyer to handle my particular case. He represented me in a professional yet compassionate manner and was very forthright in his assessment of my case. I was involved in a serious incident that could have changed my life for the worse and Mr. Raybin turned it around for me and got me the best possible outcome.


David Raybin has always treated me with respect, answered my questions, and promptly communicated personally via phone, or email when I had a genuine concern. Having professionally worked with other attorneys for years, I always looked forward to meeting with a true subject matter expert whose area of expertise is law. David Raybin is a lawyer that other lawyers go to for advice and respect his opinion.


David brought decades of experience and intimate legal knowledge to my case and provided honest and relevant advice to achieve a positive outcome. David is well respected in the legal community and was recommended to me. He was personable and never trivialized my questions or concerns, and always made time to communicate. Hiring David has led me to successful outcomes over the past two years.


David Raybin is what every defense attorney should be; fair, aggressive, accessible and consistent. He handled my case with the utmost professionalism and knowledge and most importantly never ignored my concerns or questions. His reputation as an accomplished and knowledgeable attorney proved very helpful when working on my case with others. He was able to provide me with a chance that I felt I deserved but was certain that no one could provide.


In 2008 my husband and I hired David Raybin to represent my husband at his parole hearing. Mr. Raybin stood by my husband throughout his incarceration for almost 7 years until my husband finally obtained his freedom. Mr. Rabin is caring, compassionate and very understanding of the many aspects and problems that people in prison have, as well as their families. Mr. Raybin went above and beyond all that we could ever ask for. He is a true God send. I would HIGHLY recommend him for whatever your legal battle may be.


David was recommended to me by a family friend associated with the DA’s office in Memphis as the best criminal defense attorney in Nashville. Upon speaking with David I decided to retain his services, and could not have made a better choice. Absolutely the Best.


Around two years ago I was faced with the horrid situation of being accused and charged with something that I did not do. Needless to say, this was devastating to myself and my family to even be in this situation. We were extremely scared, extremely frightened, but determined to fight for my innocence. My family and I could not be more thankful that my life was put in the hands of David Raybin as my attorney. Thanks, David Raybin!


After I was assaulted on my own property by a building contractor, I turned to David Raybin for help and was not disappointed. David Raybin was a phone call away when I needed help. He fought for justice and a handsome settlement. David Raybin listened to my problem and successfully guided me through the justice system. He and his firm were great. Thanks, David!


David Raybin was the first criminal defense lawyer I have ever used and he came highly recommended. I became involved in a business situation where I unknowingly and unwillingly ended up being an accomplice to criminal offenses. David facilitated my cooperation with authorities and he was able to show authorities that my actions were manipulated by the business owners. David Raybin’s knowledge of the law, his experience and reputation were all key factors in his successful defense of my case. 5 stars all the way.


A number of years ago, I was extremely distraught over an unacceptable action taken by my child’s father during one of his visitations with our daughter. Another lawyer, who had represented me in our child visitation/support hearings, had little to offer in response to this very stressful situation, saying only that these actions, although highly irresponsible, were “within his rights.” It was then that I called Mr. Raybin. David’s Work Saved Our Family.


Suffice it to say, I committed a crime and it was highly likely I’d end up serving a lengthy prison sentence. I did not see how there could possibly be a happy outcome, nor did I think I deserved one. With David’s guidance, I pulled myself together and mounted a strong but honest defense, admitting my mistakes and errors and presenting the best possible story to the Court. It would be an exaggeration to call the outcome a miracle, but in my mind it comes close. I was acquitted and freed to rebuild my life and continue to be with my family. My family and I will always be deeply grateful to David Raybin.


Mr. Raybin interviewed me and immediately gave me a reliable opinion of the situation. He outlined a program to determine confidence in his initial judgmental opinion. Impressive!!


David Raybin is the most competent attorney I’ve ever worked with. I’m always treated with respect, he’s answered my questions, returned phone calls and always answered personally via phone or email when I had a real concern. Having worked with other attorneys for other issues was sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. I actually looked forward to meeting with Mr. Raybin as he helped preserve my career and put an end to a situation that needed an abrupt end. David Raybin is a lawyer that other lawyers go to and respect. If you are a person that needs professional experienced help, I recommend David Raybin .The courts respect the lawyers with this firm, the judges respect the lawyers with this firm and if every firm acted the way this one does, people wouldn’t fear having to find, and then hire a good attorney. I’ll leave this fact for anyone that reads this: When I walked into court with David Raybin other attorneys stopped in their tracks, with one uttering “watch this, this is gonna be good”.I felt like I had a Marine Corp combat unit with me. Ultimately, my case was dismissed, my career was preserved and the court knew the facts. I never thought my case would be settled in the hallway leaving me wide open for a repeat performance by the party Mr. Raybin put back into the corner… There’s plenty of lawyers that cover many things, but when you don’t want to hear a soapbox presentation telling you the fight will never end, it will take years and millions to resolve, this is what you do: Retain a pro that’s not afraid to work in, and own a court room, and stop the other side dead in their tracks.


A young family member who happens to be struggling with physical & mental health issues faced a serious run-in with the TN criminal justice system in 2010. We entered the system naively and with the usual blinders on but realized very quickly that we needed the absolute best criminal defense attorney available. That man is Mr. David Raybin. We are very grateful to Mr. Raybin for navigating us through the system and getting our family member the best possible outcome. He is very knowledgeable, kept us informed, was always accessible, and was particularly thoughtful in dealing with the psychological issues involved in our case. His outstanding reputation is well deserved. Would not be where I am today without Mr. Raybin.


A few years ago, I went through a very difficult legal problem. I had never been involved in the court before and the prospect of having to deal with the legal system looked very impossible to even comprehend. Mr. Raybin was retained and all that changed. I never worried about anything concerning my case after the moment Mr. Raybin came on board. He literally handled everything, eventually providing me with an outcome that allowed me to move on with my life. All of my questions were answered in a speedy manner and above all, having Mr. Raybin in my corner made me feel like everything was going to eventually be o.k. again. THANK YOU Mr. Raybin.