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Nashville Defective Drug Lawyer

We expect prescription drugs to make us feel better, not worse. If you’ve been harmed by drugs you were prescribed, reach out to a defective drug attorney in Nashville, because you may have rights to compensation.

When we’re prescribed prescription drugs, we trust that these substances are manufactured by medical experts. Our hope is that the drug will cure us of illness or ease any symptoms we may be experiencing; however, there are incidents when the drug itself causes more harm than healing. If you’ve experienced any sort of injury due to a prescription drug, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Falling ill after taking prescriptions can lead to extensive medical expenses and emotional suffering. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to pay for these damages if someone else caused them.

At Raybin & Weissman, P.C., we have an experienced legal team that can help pinpoint the liable parties in your case and work to hold them legally responsible for the pain they’ve caused you. A Nashville defective drug lawyer can do what’s possible to help you receive a proper settlement.

Determining Who to Sue for Defective Prescription Drugs

Defective drug claims, a type of product liability claim, can be complex. It’s not always easy to know who’s responsible for causing defects in the drug and causing your injury.

It’s possible that the drug was manufactured poorly from the beginning, and in this case, the drug manufacturer could be responsible for your injuries; however, your medication goes through many hands before making its way to you. Sales teams, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacists may have tampered with your prescriptions and, as a result, caused your drug to be defective.

Your defective drug lawyer in Nashville will do a deep investigation of your case and gather all of the available evidence, such as video footage, medical records, and witness testimonies, to determine why your injury happened and who may have played a role in causing it. If fault can’t be determined, it’s possible that anyone who contributed to the creation and distribution of your drug will share fault.

Damages You Can Recover from a Defective Drug Lawsuit

It’s likely that you’ll experience both economic and non-economic damages after suffering from a defective drug incident. Your Nashville lawyer will work to ensure that all of your damages are represented in your claim value.

Medical expenses can accumulate quickly and may include new medication fees, ambulance fees, doctor’s bills, hospital costs, and any future medical fees that can be predicted. Loss of earning ability from being out of work and property damages can also be included in your economic damages.

Non-economic damages may include emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Reach Out to a Nashville Defective Drug Attorney

A defective drug accident can leave you with significant trust issues, but you can trust our lawyers at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. to have the experience to help you, support you through the legal process, and fight for you at all costs. Read more about our personal injury lawyer, Ben Raybin.

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