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If your child finds themselves in a sticky situation at college in Nashville, our recommendation is to contact Ben sooner rather than later. Had we hesitated to contact Ben, our student may not have had enough time to complete all the suggested proactive actions, and therefore our outcome may not have been the best case scenario.

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Nashville Campus Crime Lawyer

Campus Crime Defense Lawyers

Are you seeking a lawyer after being charged with a campus crime?

College students face an incredible amount of stress. Unfortunately, that stress can sometimes lead to poor decisions and criminal charges.

If you or one of your children have been charged with a campus crime, it’s important to speak with a respected Nashville campus crime lawyer who can help limit any potential damage to your future.

Our seasoned campus crime defense attorneys take a personal approach to your case

At the Nashville campus crime law firm of Raybin & Weissman, we understand the stress college students are under. We also know how important it is for students to avoid lasting criminal records as they transition from college to the workplace. We take a personal approach to your case, helping you understand you or your child’s charges and determine the best course of action.

Our respected defense attorneys represent students charged with a wide range of campus crimes, including:

Our experienced Nashville campus crime lawyers will attempt to negotiate a favorable plea agreement that limits any harm to your future. If a plea is not in your best interests, we will take your case to trial to fight the charges.

We work to reduce your charges and protect your future

College students facing criminal charges may also face sanctions from the school or university. By helping you combat your criminal charges, we also help limit any sanctions the school may hand down. In many cases if we are able to disprove the charges against you in your criminal case, the school will have no recourse to offer further punishment.

Our campus crime lawyers have defended students accused of crimes at various Nashville area colleges and universities, including:

We know young people make mistakes. We will work tirelessly to prevent or minimize any damage to your future. Our goal is to help you achieve a favorable outcome in your case so you can fulfill your full potential.

If you or your child has been charged with a Nashville campus crime, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at Raybin & Weissman for a free consultation today.