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Nashville Robbery Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a robbery, you haven’t yet been convicted of a crime. Reach out to a robbery attorney in Nashville to challenge your charges in court and work to get the offense reduced or dismissed.

While many people use the terms robbery and theft interchangeably, there’s a difference in theft and robbery charges within the legal system. While all robberies include theft, which is defined as the unlawful taking of property with the intent to deprive the owner, not all thefts are robberies. The difference in a robbery charge is that it adds a factor of force or violence to the theft.

Having a robbery charge on your record can result in serious penalties. Your permanent record will be tainted and you may have to give a lot of your time and money to the government for your mistake. At Raybin & Weissman, P.C., we want to help reduce or dismiss your charges if possible. A Nashville robbery lawyer can build a criminal defense case to support you so that you have a fighting chance.

What Type of Theft Is Considered Robbery?

There are three types of robbery charges in the state of Tennessee, which vary in severity. A basic robbery is the intentional theft of property from another person by using violence or instilling a sense of fear in the victim.

Aggravated robbery is more severe than basic robbery because it includes the use of a deadly weapon, a display that makes the victim believe a deadly weapon is present, or an instance where the victim suffers any bodily injury during the robbery.

Especially aggravated robbery is the most severe level of robbery, and this is a robbery in which the thief actually uses their deadly weapon and the victim suffers a bodily injury as a result.

Penalties for Robbery in Nashville

Penalties for robbery are severe, even in the most basic circumstances, because of the presence of fear and violence involved in the incident.

In Nashville, a basic robbery is considered a Class C felony, which can be punishable with three to fifteen years in prison. Aggravated robbery is a Class B felony, which can be punishable with eight to thirty years in prison. Especially aggravated robbery is a Class A felony, which can be punishable with fifteen to sixty years in prison.

How a Robbery Conviction Can Affect Your Life

If you’re convicted with a robbery charge, it’s automatically a felony, which can significantly affect the rest of your life. After serving prison time, you’ll still feel the side effects of your robbery charge once you get out of jail. Being labeled as a felon in society can be detrimental in many ways.

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It’s essential to speak with an attorney about challenging your charges in court in order to have a chance at a better life. With the help of our team at Raybin & Weissman, P.C., you’ll feel supported through the legal process and we can work to lessen the severity of your circumstances. Read more about our criminal defense attorneys, Ben Raybin and David Raybin. They have years of experience that can help you.

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