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Nashville Uber Accident Attorney

As an Uber passenger or someone who was involved in a collision with an Uber, it is your right to seek monetary repayment for your losses from the at-fault party. A rideshare lawyer in Nashville and Murfreesboro can help you get the most out of your civil lawsuit.

Whether you were traveling in an Uber to get to your destination or were struck by an Uber driver, you shouldn’t be obligated to cover the costs of your auto accident when someone else is liable. But figuring out how you’ll get the money you deserve can prove to be more of a challenge than you might be prepared to deal with, all things considered.

Your Nashville Uber accident attorney) at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. has been handling rideshare accident claims like yours (including Lyft accidents and others, too) since they became more prevalent over the last decade.

Our rideshare lawyers will help you file your claim with the appropriate auto insurer and bring claims against the Uber driver, when applicable. You can be sure that when you choose our firm, you’ve chosen a team of Nashville Uber accident attorneys who will always prioritize your best interests.

Getting Uber’s Insurance to Pay

Getting into an accident when Uber is involved makes your case a little more different than if you had been injured in a collision with a regular driver in Nashville. This is because Uber itself is insured, but so is the Uber driver.

You’ll go through Uber’s $1,000,000 auto insurance policy if you were injured while the Uber driver was on the clock and either was waiting to pick up a passenger, was actively transporting a passenger, or had just dropped off a passenger and was preparing for their next trip.

If an Uber driver struck you under any other circumstances, your Nashville Uber accident attorney would help you claim through the Uber driver’s auto insurer.

Claims against Uber Drivers

Uber drivers are obligated to carry auto insurance in addition to the coverage they have through Uber itself. This is for two reasons. One, Uber’s coverage does not extend protections to the driver in the event of an accident. Two, the driver isn’t going to be driving for Uber everywhere they go, so their own auto coverage will come into effect if they are ever involved in an accident while off the clock.

If Uber’s auto insurer refuses to pay out on your Nashville claim, you’ll file a claim with the driver’s insurance company to recover your damages. When your rideshare lawyer establishes liability, the insurer will be required to cover your damages up to the limits of the Uber driver’s insurance policy.

In layman’s terms, if your total losses exceed the limits of the auto policy, we’ll need to file a civil lawsuit against the driver in order for you to be fully repaid.

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Figuring out who should be held accountable for your damages can be difficult when you’re dealing with Uber, which is why you need a highly trained Nashville Uber accident attorney at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. to represent you as you move through the claims process.

You can come in for a free consultation with a rideshare lawyer when you complete the online contact form located below or call our office directly at 615-256-6666.