Dave was extremely professional but more importantly I was treated as a person not a case. He always returned calls and emails in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dave to help with legal needs! -Jennifer S.

As someone who never had a lawyer, David made everything as simple as possible. He is very easy to communicate with and provides all the answers and support you will ever need. If I ever need a lawyer again, David will be my first choice to contact. -Andrew

I was falsely accused of something and had an order filed against me. Ben represented me during court and successfully had the order dismissed. He also went above and beyond to make sure it would not show up on my record. – Brittany.

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Ben Raybin Testifies in Legislature on Civil Asset Forfeiture

October 30, 2019

Attorney Ben Raybin gave testimony yesterday on Civil Asset Forfeiture at a summer study hearing by the Civil Justice Subcommittee of the Tennessee House of Representatives. The legislature is currently considering bills to modify the procedures used to take property from citizens through civil forfeiture, which often occurs without criminal charges. Mr. Raybin has represented […]

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Orders of Protection

October 22, 2019

Firm attorney Ben Raybin was interviewed on the Channel 4 evening news yesterday regarding Orders of Protection. Orders of Protection, also known as “restraining orders,” are a way for domestic violence victims to receive protection from their abusers. If granted, the order will forbid the person from contacting, abusing, or coming around the victim. Should […]

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Car Accident in Nashville: Reasons to Call a Lawyer

October 21, 2019

Nashville is growing quickly, which means there are more cars on the road and a greater chance for accidents to occur. Getting into an accident can be frightening, especially if you’re in the middle of a congested roadway and don’t know what to do. You should always call the police and try to move your […]

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Property Deeds

October 16, 2019

Case:  Scott Trent Et Al. v. Mountain Commerce Bank et al. Facts:  Adren and Pamela Greene owned a piece of real property. Adren executed a quitclaim deed to Company, which was a business they both owned. Later, Company executed a deed conveying its interest to Buyers. The Greenes executed a “deed of correction” asserting that […]

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Attorney’s Fees

October 16, 2019

Case:  David New v. Lavinia Dumitrache, et al. Facts:  Mother was granted an Order of Protection against Father in general sessions court. Thirty-Six days later, Father filed suit in chancery court seeking to enroll their Texas divorce decree and appeal the OP. The chancery court dismissed the suit in its entirety for lack of subject […]

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