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Nashville Inadequate Security Lawyer

If you or someone you love suffered injuries as a result of an attack that occurred on or near business premises, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation under the theory of inadequate or negligent security. Our inadequate security lawyers are here to help.

In Tennessee, in certain circumstances, business owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to protect their patrons from criminal acts that may occur on their business premises. That duty is not absolute. However, if a business knows, due to past criminal acts on its premises or in nearby areas, that its customers may become victims of crime, the business has a duty to provide adequate security measures. Such measures may include the installation of fencing, increased lighting, and/or security cameras, or the hiring of security guards. What measures would be “adequate” depends in part on the severity of the harm that may occur, and on the degree of likelihood that such harm will happen.

In determining the foreseeability of harm that would require a business owner to take measures to protect its patrons, Tennessee courts look at evidence of prior crimes that occurred in the area. The number of such crimes, their location (i.e. their closeness to the business premises), and their similarity to the crime at issue in a particular case are all factors that the courts consider.

What Is The Property Owner’s Duty?

A property owner’s obligation to you often depends on several factors, including the type of property and the status of the visitor. For example, a business has a greater obligation to customers who are on the premises for the economic benefit of the company. The obligation is less for a residential homeowner and an invited social guest.

The property owner has a duty to know what is happening on their property to ensure that proper security protocols are in place. For example, if there are violent crimes next to a movie theater, the owner of the theater is responsible for ensuring that customers are protected. The property owner could be cited in a lawsuit for a failure to install security cameras or hire enough security guards.

Why Sue For Negligent Security?

Is it worth your time to file a claim against a property owner for inadequate security? In many cases, yes. It is often more beneficial to pursue a claim against a property owner than against someone who committed a crime against you. It is also worth holding a business owner liable for negligent actions or inactions that endanger the public to improve safety in the future.

Also, most business owners have commercial insurance to cover a judgment or settlement. When there is adequate insurance coverage, it is easier to receive full compensation for your losses. If the wrongdoer is arrested, they could go to jail, but getting money for your losses in a civil lawsuit is crucial if you have medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering.

Thus, if you are considering bringing a claim of inadequate security, you should discuss your situation with an experienced Tennessee premises liability attorney. Such an attorney would promptly begin a thorough investigation of the history of criminal acts in the area where you were attacked, as well as of any security measurers that may have been present in your case.

From our Nashville offices, the experienced Nashville inadequate security attorneys of Raybin & Weissman, P.C., represent clients in inadequate security cases throughout Tennessee. Our initial consultation is free, and we don’t get paid unless we obtain compensation for our injured clients. Since 1976, our firm has proven its dedication to exceptional personalized service and aggressive representation in each case that we undertake.

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