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Client Testimonials

Ben is a true professional and I could not be more happy with his representation. He was very patient listening to my situation, and asked appropriate questions to dig a little deeper. This made me feel so much better and I was able to confidently trust his guidance. He walked me step by step through the entire process, and told me what to expect (and not expect). He returned phone calls quickly, and responded to emails almost instantly. His professionalism and demeanor are above reproach.


Ben did his research well. Explored all the options and gave excellent advice. He was very confident and professional. He made us feel like we were in good hands. He went to bat for us and helped to get the sentence decreased to a best case scenario. We was very responsive to emails and always available to answer any questions we had. We highly recommend Ben !!!


My son was charged with a misdemeanor for marijuana possession with another person. Ben walked us through all our options, made recommendations. He was thorough, kind, knowledgeable, and kept us up to date on next steps. Ben made a very stressful process so much easier to go through. We knew what to do, where to go, how to dress. When we got to court we knew what to expect and in the end had a far better outcome then we thought we could. Something that could have been so much worse came out better than we ever thought it would. Thank you Ben for all you and your team did for us.


I got recommendations to hire Ben from both online and personal connections because I got into a serious situation. I was charged with a possible felony. From the beginning, Ben was sincere, contacted me frequently, gave me all possible outcomes, personally looked out for an immigrant lawyer (since im not a citizen), and helped me feel comfortable in this situation. Result? I got a dismiss. That’s all I have to say. he is a great lawyer with great skills. I highly recommend Ben to anyone who is in serious situation.


Ben was courteous and straightforward. He listened, explained, offered options, gave us a timeline, and followed through in a timely matter. Ben looked comfortable in the courtroom and completed the process with the best possible outcome. Highly, highly recommend Ben


I am a true believer in Ben Raybin and his firm. He has represented me in both a criminal (Assault) and the civil case that resulted. On both occasions, the number one quality that stands out to me is Ben’s honesty. While many people needing the services of an attorney believes that they are in the right, Ben is careful to keep you informed of what all of the potential outcomes / consequences of your particular case can be, while at the same time offering his and his firm’s unwavering support. Being in legal trouble is a very stressful thing and Ben understands that. He is always responsive to phone calls and emails, and is mindful of deadlines and opportunities to advance his client’s standing. Ben is a skillful attorney and true professional. He is an honest attorney that earns his client’s trust and confidence.


Ben was great to work with. Super nice and I felt comfortable with him the moment I met him. I was falsely accused of something and had an order filed against me. Ben represented me during court and successfully had the order dismissed. He also went above and beyond to make sure it would not show up on my record. Highly recommend Ben!


Ben was great. He was easy to work with. He took care of everything he said he would and always timely. He responded quickly. Being in legal trouble was new to me and Ben was calm when speaking and knew what he was talking about. Very Professional.


I was referred to Mr. Raybin and his firm by a lawyer in Murfreesboro, TN. Mr. Raybin helped me with a charge that I was charged with and plead guilty to almost 17 years ago for Simple Possession of Marijuana. I had thought nothing of the charge in years and I was having to get approval from the Federal Reserve for a job that I am now working for. When the Fed pulled it somehow the charge had been changed in the system to theft under $500. Which was a major red flag to the Federal Reserve. Ben Raybin went out of his way to make sure that the situation was resolved and even provided me with all the paperwork that the Federal Reserve needed. He was willing to even discuss the situation with the Fed. Through Mr. Raybin’s diligent work and perseverance, I was able to get everything taken care of with the Federal Reserve and get started in the career. Ben Raybin was extremely fair in charging for his services. I would highly recommend him to any individual in need of a lawyer in Nashville, TN. Mr. Raybin definitely went way above and beyond what would have been expected to make sure that I was able to get the through the Federal Reserves Background Check.


I was referred to Ben and his Firm by another prominent litigator in the Nashville area. After speaking with Ben, I was impressed by his expertise and his manner. I retained Ben and throughout my case, Ben was responsive, available, receptive to concerns and professional. He explained the variety of potential outcomes and developed a strategy that put us in the best posture for a favorable outcome. I am happy to report Ben was able to resolve my case very favorably. I was very impressed by his preparation and his analytical thinking. I highly recommend Ben and if needed would call him again in a second.


Ben Raybin came very highly recommended by a friend who had used him in the past. After reading all his online reviews, and meeting with him for a consultation, I felt extremely confident hiring him for my aggravated assault charge (which was really an act of self-defense). Ben was able to get the case retired (a dismissal after a waiting period) at the first hearing. One thing that really jumped out at me in court was that – during the initial docket roll call that morning – there were maybe 20 other attorneys in the courtroom that the judge had to address. The judge addressed them all either as “sir,” or without any title, with one exception: he addressed Ben as “Mr. Raybin.” That truly says a lot about the clout and respect he carries – to be the only attorney in a room full of attorneys that the judge addressed by name. I also really appreciated that Ben uses a flat-flee schedule (rather than hourly billing) which was more than reasonable. I’ve used attorneys in the past who accomplish half as much while charging twice as much. I’d hire Ben again in a second and you should too!


Benjamin was the best lawyer I could possibly ask for. He was always so quick to answer any questions that I had, and was able to get my case dismissed. I contacted him so close to my court date, however, he was still able to work me into his busy schedule. I would recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney!


Benjamin K. Raybin , the Best criminal defense attorney in Nashville !!! Hands down. This gentleman is great at what he does, very effective and all the while being polite and professional 5 stars for defending me ,my rights and it’s outcome


Thank god after all the years this was the best lawyer for me!! I had a charge of attempt to commit a felony from back in 1980 had not been arrested any other time in my life. Talked with other lawyers about getting this expunged from my record and paid one lawyer money back in 2008 just to get the run around and more money paid out for not anything. And then I called and talked with Ben Raybin he said let me look in to this and I will call you back well he called back like in one day. And said this is what I will need and I think we may be able to help. They did what he said and in LESS THAN 30 DAY MY RECORD WAS EXPUNGED!!!!! And I would like to say thank you Benjamin Raybin and to all the office workers for doing what you said you would do.


I found myself in some trouble by breaking character and making a small error. I was charged with a felony, assault with a deadly weapon. Benjamin Raybin advised, educated, and comforted me through the entire legal process. He was always available when I had questions and we got the result I wanted. The entire charge was dropped and Mr. Raybin followed up to make sure everything stayed off my record.
Sincere Gratitude!


My daughter and I were in Nashville for x-mas when she got into an petty argument with someone that was with us on that trip. He called the police, getting her arrested for charges against me! How unbelievable! Benjamin help her get those charges thrown out, and gave us back our dignity


Ben is highly knowledgeable and the consummate professional. From the first meeting to the last, he consistently explained every step and kept me informed of my case’s progress. He was a joy to work with, regardless of the circumstances.


Not only did he keep me out of jail but had all charges dropped for minimal community service.


Ben met with me the same day I contacted him. He walked me through the full process all the way through helping me while we were in the court room. He was extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend his services to anyone.


Mr. Raybin is a true professional in every sense of the word. We could tell that he was invested and not just doing a job. Mr. Ben Raybin was thoroughly organized, he listened, was active in conversations and collected evidence as presented. It is very important to have an attorney who is understanding and works to work for clearly collect factual information and this is exactly what Mr. Ben Raybin did. Thank you is not enough you are honest, trustworthy and a polished attorney.


Mr. Raybin was very straightforward and honest, yet compassionate throughout the initial consultation. He presented all possible scenarios but remained confident that he would get things resolved. He definitely delivered on this promise. He made initial recommendations that proved to be highly valuable in the long run. Mr. Raybin was always prompt with returning phone calls and email with all questions/concerns throughout then entire process, leading you to feel that your case was a priority. His consultation and representation provided a great deal of relief in resolving an extremely unsettling situation.


Ben was wonderful to work with. He always gave me honest and matter-of-fact guidance, helping me get the most fair and best results. He (and the entire office) was also incredibly responsive, returning emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. He was able to work with the other attorney to get me an option of expungement and stayed on top of it all the way.


Attorney Raybin was hired to assist my son at his parole hearing. He was very efficient and helpful in gathering all information that was required. He attended the hearing with me and other family members and was very supportive in speaking on his behalf. I would definitely request his assistance if ever needed again. My son did receive a parole.


I am the parent of Jordan Norris, the young man who was tased more than 40 times by the Cheatham Co. Sheriff’s Dept. We contacted Benjamin Raybin and David Weissman to discuss suing the sheriff’s dept. I had previously contacted 4 other firms and had been turned down.
Mr. Raybin saw the photo evidence of Jordan’s tasing burns and immediately scheduled a consultation with us. Several months and several meetings later, we have settled this suit. Throughout this experience, Mr. Raybin worked diligently and professionally, with the highest standards, keeping us informed and answering every single question or concern. We never felt left out, or wondered what was going on.
The intelligence and expertise shown by Mr. Raybin makes him a very desirable attorney for any criminal, civil, or injury need. Jordan and I now feel like he is a friend to us, as well as an attorney. I highly recommend him. You will have to search long and hard to find anyone better.


My son received two misdemeanor citations for hitchhiking while traveling through Nashville. Ben thoroughly explained all possible outcomes in our phone conversation and was very kind and understanding. Within 2 hours of my retaining his services, he had both citations completely withdrawn. My son did not have to travel back to Nashville and his record was not affected. I am so impressed! Excellent Attorney!


I reached out to Ben on a short notice. He immediately contacted me and was a calming influence from the start. I shared my story with him and I could tell that he cared. He listened to me, gave me his thoughts, and provided homework for me to do in preparation for the case. He was very responsive and would even reply to my emails at night. He made sure that we were prepared. He conducted himself with class, grace, and professionalism. He was always checking in on me to make sure that I was doing ok and was teaching me every step of the way. I cannot say enough good things about him, as a person and as an attorney.


Mr. Ben Raybin will strive for the best possible outcome. Ben explained all the ins and outs of my case in a way that was honest and to the point.I trusted his experience and he was able to provide a successful result .I couldn’t be happier with my choice to hire him.


My case was brought from a DUI to a reckless endangerment. At first, we thought there would be no way to get this done. We also did not know if we would be able to get my sentencing down from one week to just a weekend. Somehow Ben was able to do all of that for me, and I am very thankful that I trusted him. I would refer him to anyone, especially when dealing with a DUI case. He made me feel extremely comfortable and had confidence in me.


From my very first contact and throughout the entire process, I can’t express how AWESOME the representation of Ben Raybin & his office support staff was. I feel that he took the time to fully listen, understand and represent me in such a professional, yet personal manner which is almost impossible to find nowadays. Very prompt at replying to and answering all of my questions, calls, and Emails!!! If you are looking for a lawyer to listen, fight and follow through to the end with your best interest at the forefront, I guarantee Ben Raybin is the Attorney that you need INDEED !!!


My issue involved getting TN to properly recognize restoration of rights from another state. This may not have “required” attorney involvement but I could have easily spent additional months if not years getting the run around from low level government employees trying to figure out how to go about things. Ben had not only the knowledge of the law and how best to deal with my situation, he had the right connections to fast track my situation to the right person that was able to resolve it very quickly. Those connections were huge and Bens expertise and professionalism were great along the way. I would be confident using him and his firm again should the need arise.


Having never been in any sort of trouble before, I was terrified when I found myself facing a misdemeanor criminal charge. I work with attorneys, and I knew how important choosing the right attorney is. I was familiar with Ben, and I immediately added him to my list of attorneys to interview regarding my representation. As soon as my initial consultation with him was over, I hired him before I even walked out of his office, and I will NEVER regret that decision. Ben is a great man both in and out of the courtroom. He is kind, attentive, informative, honest, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is greatly respected in the legal community. Ultimately, my charge was both dismissed and expunged, and I cannot thank Ben enough. If you’re considering hiring him for any reason, know that choosing him is both a sound and wise decision. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ben!! Like the Karate Kid, you truly are the best around!!!


I called Ben on a Monday morning, and I had a court date on that coming Wednesday. I reviewed my situation (misdemeanor), and he immediately jumped into action. He was at the court house on the next day advocating on my behalf. He got the misdemeanor fully withdrawn so that I never had to go through central booking and so that my record was never tarnished. I’m very very appreciative! Excellent job, Ben!


I was visiting Nashville from out of state and was involved in an unfortunate situation. I was referred to Mr. Raybin. Mr. Raybin was very knowledgeable and professional and took care of everything and really eased my worries over the situation. Eventually he was able to have the case thrown out and everything worked out. I would definitely hire Mr. Raybin if you are ever in an unfortunate situation and need a great attorney in Nashville.


Mr. Raybin took my case getting my restoration of rights from another state which was not being recognized in the current state I reside in recognized. Him and his team was very knowledgeable, prompt and efficient. The end results was a successful case and I thank Mr. Rabin for everything and would highly recommend him and his firm to help anyone needing help with restoration of guns rights or any other legal matter.


I have used Ben two times in the last couple of years on two different issues. He has been outstanding on both in the courtroom and before with his prep work and communication. I would highly recommend him if you need a lawyer!


Kind, professional, thorough, successful. Ben was immediately responsive when I inquired about hiring him, which was such a relief because I found myself facing charges that were potentially life altering. I had a lot of anxiety and a lot of questions. During our first meeting, he explained everything that would happen and all possible outcomes. He was so kind and thorough. Following that meeting, he was very responsive to emails and calls I had leading up to the court date. Due to Ben’s expertise and respect in the court system, I was able to get my charges dismissed. Look no further if you need any attorney. Ben is awesome!


I hired Ben to tackle a very large ordeal. I had an unlawful possession of a firearm – and at an airport. Double whammy. It was a complete goof on my part with zero intent. Ben took my case and got my record completely cleared which was the ultimate goal.


I had gotten myself into trouble facing a misdemeanor with the potential of more serious charges, and went to Ben on the recommendation of a local lawyer. He gave me an honest appraisal of what to expect across the spectrum of possible outcomes, and kept my anxieties at bay by answering the questions which plagued the waiting period before going to court. After following Ben’s recommendation as to a plan of action, the state saw fit to dismiss the case, which had seemed very unlikely given the first court date. Not only did I avoid legal consequence, but it saved me from professional punishment as well, all the while preventing this problem from occurring in the future. I couldn’t hold a higher opinion of Mr. Ben, either professionally or personally, he’s one of the finest people I’ve met.


Our college student managed to get themselves charged with a misdemeanor. We are several hundred miles away and were unable to directly assist. We reached out to Ben’s office online to request a consultation and received an immediate response. We were able to schedule a phone consultation for later that same day. During the consultation, Ben walked us through how the situation would work, what the best, likely and worst case scenarios would be, and how our student might be able to proactively take action to increase the odds of a successful outcome. We hired Ben on the spot. After the consultation, Ben followed up immediately via email with specific, annotated instructions. Our student completed the recommended actions exactly as Ben had suggested. Thankfully, our student’s outcome ended up being the best case scenario. We are immensely grateful to Ben for his guidance and participation and would recommend him without reservation. If your child finds themselves in a sticky situation at college in Nashville, our recommendation is to contact Ben sooner rather than later. Had we hesitated to contact Ben, our student may not have had enough time to complete all the suggested proactive actions, and therefore our outcome may not have been the best case scenario. Lucky for us, we found Ben in the nick of time.


I would recommend Ben Raybin to anyone needing a criminal There are too many superlatives to list. but I will say that he put my mind at ease. He ensured me that by hiring him, I had the entire firm of lawyers working on my behalf. Ben explained the process in detail and also any frustrations that could arise from the various groups involved. He not only answered every question honestly, he did it promptly and always followed every conversation with an email detailing what was discussed. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, and explains himself on how he wants to defend you. Ben also will give you detailed fees that are 100% accurate, as well as possible fees going forward etc. He is highly intelligent, yet makes you feel like an equal at all times. Ben was able to get the best result in our case (dismissal) and once again proved the theory that good guys (and ladies) do finish first!


Mr. Raybin represented me in a minor misdemeanor charge. He treated me with great kindness and as with as much importance as had I been accused of a capital offense. He listened and took my concerns seriously. He appeared in court on my behalf and had my charge dismissed. His communication was excellent and his fee very reasonable. He has an astute legal mind and he truly cares about his clients! The moment I met him I felt safe in his hands. I would highly recommend him for anyone who has legal issues in Tennessee! I have had very little contact with attorneys in the realm of business and can tell you that Mr. Raybin stands head and shoulders above any I have had contact with!


My son had two misdemeanor charges in a season of his life when he was struggling with mental illness. He did not deal with his legal matters and did not show up for his court appearances, and then left the state. This lead to warrants being posted for his arrest. A couple of years later, when he was applying for a job in another state, his past record came up. They hired him, but said he had two weeks to clear them up or he would loose his new job. Mr. Raybin was able to get both warrants withdrawn, both cases dismissed before the two week deadline. He will get them expunged from his record. That is simply amazing! Another lawyer we talked to said my son would most like have to return to the state twice, do some jail time and pay hefty fines. This would have cost him his job and expensive travel time, as well as our time as his parents to support him. Mr. Raybin’s effective work meant that none of this was necessary. I am sure glad I did not use the first attorney, who, by the way, quoted a lower fee. My son is a good kid who was in a bad place. These charges have been hanging over his head, sucking the life out of him. He now has the opportunity to get on with his life, stay gainfully employed and become all that he can be. Mr. Raybin’s help has been of tremendous value to our family!