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How Much Is My Tennessee Personal Injury Claim Worth?

When you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury and are trying to figure out whether you should file a civil lawsuit against the person or persons who are responsible for causing your injuries, knowing how much your Tennessee personal injury claim is worth will certainly be a deciding factor. Below, we discuss a few of the different types of damages that your attorney will use to calculate the value of your injury claim.

Repayment for Your Financial Damages

Your financial losses, more commonly referred to as economic damages, are sure to negatively impact your life. Having to cover the costs of your medical bills, the repair or replacement of any property that was damaged, and keep up with your everyday household expenses is sure to take a toll on you and your family.

If you’ve been unable to work due to the extent of your injuries, you could be losing out on the income you need to support your standard of living, and if your condition is severe enough, you could be permanently disabled, which means you’ll also suffer damage to your earning capacity. Each of these economic damages, and more, will be considered as your lawyer begins establishing the value of your civil claim.

Being Compensated for the Impact on Your Life

In nearly every single personal injury case, the damage can extend well beyond your financial status. In fact, many accident survivors find that they are unable to carry on with their personal relationships, partake in their favorite hobbies, or even get stuff done around the house.

What’s more, the emotional turmoil, pain, and suffering you’ve experienced shouldn’t go unnoticed. For these reasons, the effects that your injuries have had on your lifestyle and well-being will be taken into account, as well as your economic damages, in order to ascertain how much your claim is worth.

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