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November 18, 2009

D.U.I. Cases Dismissed

D.U.I. charges were dropped in twenty cases involving Chicago Police Officer Richard Fiorito. Fiorito is accused of making false DUI arrests. The dash cam videos from Fiorito’s squad car were released Monday. Fiorito wrote in his police report that one arrested person staggered and could not do the walk-and-turn test.
However, the man’s attorney disputed Fiorito’s characterization after reviewing the video tape. “They’re not pass-fail tests, but I would say he’s passing,” said April Preyar, a DUI defense attorney. The man’s DUI charge was dismissed last week. More than 20 other DUI cases have also been dropped in recent weeks.
Nashville has not witnessed mass dismissal of D.U.I. charges yet. However, cases have been dismissed where the video tapes did not support the arresting officers justification for the initial stop. A judge found that the officer did not have justification to stop former Titans quarterback, Steve McNair, before his arrest for D.U.I.