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Can “Pocket Dial” Calls be Recorded?

Withdrawal of Voluntary Dismissals

Malicious Prosecution

Governmental Tort Liability Act

Criminal Jury Instructions

Consecutive Sentencing

Competitive Cable and Video Services Act

Prosecutorial Misconduct Standard of Review

Health Care Liability Act: Vicarious Liability Claims

Expert Testimony Against Co-Defendant in Health Care Liability Case

Criminal Savings Statute

Arrests Outside Officers’ Jurisdiction

Forgery Convictions


Drug Free School Zones

Comparative Fault and Attorney’s Fees

Speedy Trial

Probation Violations


Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Health Care Liability Act

Attorney Fees after Dismissal

Statutory Damages Cap

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Loss of Consortium in Claims Commission Cases

Insurance Payments to General Contractors

Gang Evidence and Premeditation

Res Judicata

Parental Right Termination

Juvenile Life Sentences

Res Judicata

Prompt Pay Act

Parental Right Termination

Negative Reciprocal Easements

Judgments of Acquittal

Inevitable Discovery Doctrine

Gang Enhancement Statute

Unlawful Detainers

Opioid Lawsuits

Negligent Insurance Procurement Suits

Teacher Tenure Act

Products Liability

Pre-Suit Notice

Money Laundering

Illegal Sentences

Economic Loss Doctrine

Wrongful Termination

Property Tax Classification Appeals

Property Deeds

Non-Economic Damages Caps

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

Health Care Liability Act

Delayed Criminal Appeals

Bail Bonds

Attorney’s Fees

Expert Witness Geographic Requirement

Sex Offender Registry

Aggravated Burglary

General Sessions Appeals

Teacher Tenure Act

Evidence of Acquitted Conduct

Fraud Convictions


Hospital Liens

Loudermill Notice of Public Employee Termination

Parenting Plan Modifications

Bail Bonds

Judicial Estoppel

Warrantless Searches of Probationers

Comparative Fault

Tennessee Teacher Tenure Act