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Nashville Warrant Lawyer

If you have recently discovered that there is a warrant out in your name, get help from a warrant attorney in Nashville so you can get your warrant cleared and continue on with your life.

Whether you were only just informed that there was a warrant out in your name or have known for some time that you have a warrant, it’s critical that you take the steps necessary to resolve your warrant with the Nashville court system. Failure to do so can result in disastrous consequences that could continue to get more and more severe the longer it takes to clear your name in Nashville.

You may be concerned with what will happen when you turn yourself in to law enforcement, and your Nashville warrant lawyer at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. can help shed some light on what you can expect as you work to get your warrant resolved. Our firm will help you take action and prepare a defense against any charges you’ll be facing so you’ll no longer need to live your life always looking over your shoulder.

What You Need to Know about Bench Warrants

There are two main types of warrants in Tennessee: bench warrants and arrest warrants. A bench warrant is much less severe than an arrest warrant is, but if you do not turn yourself in, you should still eventually expect to be arrested by the police.

Bench warrants are often issued due to unpaid fees or when you’ve otherwise failed to complete the terms of a court order. This could be because you forgot to pay a traffic ticket, refused to pay alimony, got behind on your child support payments, or failed to appear at a court date you were required to attend.

The bad news is that bench warrants don’t expire; this means that until you turn yourself in and resolve the issue at hand, there will always be a bench warrant out in your name.

Police officers will be obligated to arrest you if they run your name and discover that there is a bench warrant with your name on it, which is why it is in your best interests to pay your fees or set up other arrangements that will remove the bench warrant against you.

How an Arrest Warrant Can Impact Your Life

Arrest warrants are the more severe of the two different types of warrants you could have against you in Nashville. These can be further classified as felony arrest warrants and misdemeanor arrest warrants.

Felony arrest warrants are similar to bench warrants in that there is no expiration date. Conversely, if there is a misdemeanor arrest warrant out in your name, there is a statute of limitations of five years under which law enforcement can arrest you for the charges against you.

If you have a felony arrest warrant out in your name, you will more than likely be very concerned with being arrested because law enforcement will be actively looking for you in order to arrest you for major crimes, such as sex crimes, battery, assault, homicide, or robbery, for example.

Your warrant attorney in Nashville will be able to help you get your bearings, turn yourself in to police, prearrange your bail, and then build a powerful defense that will hopefully result in a not-guilty verdict.

Get in Touch with a Warrant Attorney in Nashville

To further discuss the circumstances surrounding your bench or arrest warrant, or if you are ready to turn yourself in and would like legal representation prior to doing so, get in touch with a Nashville warrant lawyer at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. as soon as possible.

The sooner you are able to clear your name from the warrant against you, the better off you’ll be. You can schedule your complimentary case evaluation today by filling out the brief contact form we have provided below or by calling our office at 615-256-6666.