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Nashville Misdemeanor Lawyer

Being convicted of a misdemeanor charge can ruin your life, and when you want to do everything possible to clear your name, contact a misdemeanor defense attorney in Nashville.

Although you might not think a misdemeanor is that serious, the consequences if you’re found guilty can be severe, depending on the type of crime you’ve been charged with. In addition to the legal penalties you’ll be facing, you could also be looked down on by your family and find it difficult to find a good job due to your criminal record.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. are prepared to help you avoid conviction. With a Nashville misdemeanor lawyer representing you, your chances of acquittal are far greater than if you were to attempt to defend yourself or work with a public defender appointed by the courts. We’ll work with you to develop a defensive strategy that may result in a favorable outcome in your case.

What Crimes Constitute Misdemeanor Charges?

A misdemeanor crime is far less serious than if you were charged with a felony in Nashville, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t defend yourself. A conviction of any kind will remain on your record and follow you for years to come, which is sure to negatively impact your life in a number of different ways and partnering with a trusted misdemeanor lawyer in Nashville can alleviate some of those impacts.

Some of the most common types of crimes that can result in misdemeanor charges include public intoxication, possession of marijuana, theft of items valued at $500 or less, prostitution, solicitation, and littering, to name a few.

When you look closer at these types of crimes, one thing they have in common is that the person charged with the crime didn’t cause harm to another person. This is a major difference between misdemeanor and felony charges.

Despite the fact that these crimes seem minor, you have the right to defend yourself regardless of your guilt or innocence, and a highly trained , Nashville local, misdemeanor lawyer can help you build a compelling defense.

What You Can Expect if Convicted of a Misdemeanor

The ramifications of a conviction will vary on a case-by-case basis and will largely depend on which type of misdemeanor you’ve been charged with. In Tennessee, misdemeanors are broken up into three classes: class A, class B, and class C misdemeanors.

Class C misdemeanors are the least severe and can carry penalties that include fines up to $50 and a maximum of thirty days in jail. Alternatively, class A misdemeanors carry the most significant consequences, such as up to nearly a year in jail and fines not to exceed $2,500.

In addition to these penalties, you could also be required to participate in community service or drug or alcohol treatment programs or even be ordered to complete probation. For these reasons, getting help from a qualified misdemeanor lawyer in Nashville would be well-advised if you hope to put this time in your life behind you for good.

Work with a Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Who Can Help You Clear Your Name

You don’t have to settle for working with a public defender who won’t be able to dedicate the time necessary to beat your charges. Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Nashville misdemeanor lawyer at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. today to take your defense into your own hands.

You can give our office a call at 615-256-6666 or complete the contact form on this page to set up your case review at your earliest convenience.