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Who is Liable in a Car Accident Caused by a Defect?

November 02, 2023

Who is Liable in a Car Accident Caused by a Defect?

Whether you drive a sedan, SUV, electric car, or minivan, all drivers or vehicle owners want a safe and reliable vehicle that will not need multiple visits to the repair shop and keep them and other road users safe on the roadway. However, some vehicles are rolled out with design defects or malfunctioning parts that can result in serious crashes that involve major property damage and severe injuries to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

If you get into a car crash due to a malfunctioning car component or defective vehicle, you may pursue compensation for your losses from the liable party. But who can you actually sue and recover compensation from?

Who Can Be Held Financially Responsible for a Defective Car Accident?

If your crash resulted from a defective vehicle or vehicle component, you can bring a product liability claim against one or more of the following entities:

In general, most product liability claims involving motor vehicles are based on the following:

What Are The Most Common Vehicle Defects?

All manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle components are legally obligated to make sure the products they make are reasonably safe. They must also adequately warn buyers of current issues and those they discover later. If they fail to do so and their vehicle causes a crash and injures someone, the injured person is entitled to seek compensation for the damages resulting from the crash. These are some of the most common vehicle defects that can lead to severe collisions:

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