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Trucking Accidents: What You Need To Know

February 09, 2016

Trucking Accidents: What You Need To Know

Here in Nashville, three of our main interstate routes, I-24, I-40, and I-65, are amongst the most heavily traveled by semi-trailer trucks.

There is a constant flow of these large, dangerous, vehicles using these roads to travel the country. These trucks are constantly passing through our most heavily traveled areas, right through the downtown Metropolitan area.

As we are always sharing the road with these big rigs, and as their size alone constitutes potential danger, there are certain safeguards and precautions to follow to avoid becoming a victim of trucking accidents.

Be alert: especially on major highways

When traveling on the major highways, stay alert and be extra diligent when a truck is nearby. Don’t rigidly rely on the rules of the road to protect your safety. Based on their size, your vehicle loses in a car on truck collision.

Be conscious of your surroundings and don’t rely on the driver of the truck to drive safely, stay in his lane, and generally act properly. Protect yourself; Give plenty of room, and don’t be reluctant to slow down and get away.

Remember that truckers are on the road for long periods of time

Truckers typically are on the road traveling for long periods of time. While there are regulations restricting the amount of time a long haul trucker can drive at any one time, you never know if the trucker next to you is in compliance.

Assume the driver next to you is fatigued with slowed reflexes. Further, just because you can see him does not mean that he sees you.

If you’re involved in a trucking accident, document it & call a lawyer

If you find yourself involved in a trucking accident, there are certain things you should do immediately thereafter.

  1. Take care of yourself physically. Seek immediate medical aid as needed.
  2. Document where and how the collision occurred: Take pictures and make notes. It is surprising how much you will forget in the aftermath of a traumatic event. These notes and pictures could well prove invaluable in the future.
  3. Do not speak to anyone representing the trucking company or their insurance company about the incident.
  4. Call a lawyer and seek legal advice as to your options. The call will be free and without obligation. It is very important to know your options and your course of action.

By following these steps, you will be able to stay safe when driving Tennessee’s interstates. After all, that is the ultimate goal.

However, if you are faced with a trucking accident – reaching out to a qualified attorney will be the best way to ensure the best possible outcome in the long-run.