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Trespassing Laws in Tennessee

June 29, 2023

Trespassing Laws in Tennessee

We all know that trespassing is illegal. But what many people may not know is that there doesn’t need to be any vandalism, theft, or property damage involved for a person to be charged with criminal trespassing. Property owners have the right to prevent others from accessing their property.

In general, criminal trespassing involves entering another person’s property without their authority or permission. You can even trespass into someone’s property unintentionally if you enter a property not knowing that you are not allowed to be there or remain there after you are asked to leave. If you get convicted of any type of criminal trespassing, you may face severe consequences, including hefty fines, losing your job, and time in jail.

There Are Different Types of Trespassing in Tennessee

There are three types of criminal trespassing in Tennessee. Trespassing charges will also be based on the location where the trespassing occurred.

Penalties for a Trespassing Conviction in Tennessee

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