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Traffic Laws for Tennessee Visitors

June 22, 2015

Traffic Laws for Tennessee Visitors

With the summer months upon us and the constant travel interstate in Tennessee, it is worthwhile for all visitors entering the state to be made aware of some of the most important laws of the state. This awareness will ensure all visitors time in the volunteer state, whether short or long, more enjoyable in the safest manner possible.

The 6 Most Important TN Traffic Laws

According to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, there are ten very important laws for visitors of the state to be aware of during their time here. However, rather than going through the full ten, I have taken the liberty to note what I think to be the six most important because I am somewhat certain they are probably also very important and similar in the surrounding neighboring states.

Deal with all of your responsibilities before you get in the car It can wait! Remember, it’s not safe OR legal to text and drive in TN!

There you have six very important and crucial laws for all visitors of Tennessee as well as residents to keep in mind while traveling through the Volunteer state this summer and in the near future.

As stated before, these aren’t just laws that are only representative of Tennessee but laws that could apply in many other states as well. Therefore, prior to traveling and spending a long amount of time in a state other than your home state, take some time to educate yourself on their most important and enforced laws in order to make your stay more enjoyable.