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Stop Texting and Driving Davidson County Scholarship Winner

May 08, 2017

Stop Texting and Driving Davidson County Scholarship Winner

Davidson County Scholarship Winner

At Raybin & Weissman, we are so proud of our 2017 Stop Texting and Driving Scholarship winners. These bright students created very effective video PSAs, which expressed the dangers of texting and driving. We are extremely impressed with the quality and creativity of all of the submissions we received. Choosing winners is not an easy process.

Qualifying videos were between 30 to 60 seconds in length, made by high school juniors/seniors or college students, and uploaded to YouTube. We awarded a local, regional and a national winner with $1,000 each.

Our local scholarship winner, awarded to the best video submission from Davidson County, is Shauntonio Jones. Shauntonio lives in Antioch, Tenn., and is a student at MTSU.

I am happy to present Shauntonio with his scholarship at this year’s Stop Texting and Driving Scholarship Ceremony. Congratulations, Shauntonio, and thank you for helping us raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving!

Take a minute to watch his video below.

Spreading Distracted Driving Awareness

Shauntonio knew that including other students in his video would help get the message across. Distracted driving is especially an issue in younger generations, and seeing a number of young people speak out against it proved powerful.

“The idea for the video was to see some other kids spread the message and just bring up the conversation of texting and driving,” Shauntonio said. “I think it was a great message to spread.”

Texting and Driving in Davidson County

It’s an urgent message, especially in Davidson County. In 2016, there were 2,862 crashes in Davidson County alone that were a result of distracted drivers. The state of Tennessee is one of the worst states in the nation for Texting and Driving, and this is an issue that needs to be fixed.

My hope is that through the scholarship contest and videos like Shauntonio’s we can help make a change in reducing the number of instances of texting and driving.

Weissman Davidson County Winner