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Slip and Fall: What You Need To Know

August 13, 2014

Slip and Fall: What You Need To Know

One of the most common personal injury cases is the Slip and Fall case. Unfortunately it is also one of the most difficult to successfully pursue. That is because people don’t typically take the appropriate steps after such an incident – no pun intended. slip and fall stairs If you happen to be the victim of a slip and fall, it is vital that you know what to do immediately thereafter to ensure you will be fairly compensated.

Figure Out Why You Fell

In a time of distress, it is easy for us to become confused about what just happened. Further, when you trip and fall down in a public place, the immediate feeling, even before an onset of pain, is one of embarrassment. We have been conditioned to believe that falls are a direct result of clumsiness – and that it is hysterical.

However, falls are not funny when they happen to you. Falls are serious. As such, evaluate the situation.

Resist your urge to flee the scene. Determine exactly what it was that caused you to fall and document it. Most people don’t trip over their own two feet. That being the case, figure out why you fell.

Report the Accident & Ask For A Copy of the Incident Report

After this type of incident occurs, immediately report the fall to the manager of the facility or grounds where it took place. Standard corporate protocol requires the manager to take an incident report and make note of the situation. Once this has been done, always ask for a copy of the report.

Understand, in most circumstances, your request will be denied. Still, should you obtain a copy of the report, you are gathering vital information to assist in future litigation.

Record the Place of the Incident & Take Photos

In today’s modern day society, it is rare to come across someone who does not have a camera on their cell phone. Therefore, should you find yourself to be a victim of a slip and fall incident, use your camera phone.

Take pictures of the scene and save them. If there is an object on the floor or something out of place, those pictures will prove invaluable.

Lastly, take notes of what happened: the notes you take at the time of the incident will later prove to be your best remedy for a faulty memory.

If Witnesses Are Present, Gather Their Information

Oftentimes, slip and falls occur in populated areas. Usually there will be witnesses – people who saw what occurred and why. It is important to gather their contact information. These eye witness accounts can be the difference between succeeding and failing in a lawsuit.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance of being injured in a slip and fall,  you may well find that it is very difficult to obtain justice. It is difficult to find an attorney to handle this type of case, let alone win it.

However, if you follow the above steps, you are much more likely to find a lawyer and ultimately prevail on what would otherwise be a very difficult claim.

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