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Many types of defective products can cause severe damage, but sometimes the products that cause harm are precisely the prescription medications or medical devices that were supposed to help ill or injured patients. Every year, as the drug industry and other manufacturers bring new products to the market, we hear about recalls of defective drugs or other medical products such as stents or joint replacements. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration attempts to keep the public informed about recalls and risks associated with various medical products that are defectively manufactured, designed, or labeled, but the warnings often come after many people have already been harmed.

Among the drugs and other medical products involved in recent litigations are

When people are injured by the use of a defective product, including defective drugs or other medical products, they can seek compensation from the manufacturers and suppliers of those products. Such claims request compensation for the injured person’s medical bills related to the use of the defective product; lost wages; pain and suffering; and other damages caused by the defective product. When defective products lead to untimely death, surviving family members can also seek compensation through wrongful death claims.

While manufacturers of drugs and medical devices help improve many people’s lives, their primary goal is still to make money. As a result, companies sometimes introduce products into the market without sufficient testing, cover up reports of adverse side-effects, or provide insufficient warnings about potential risks associated with their products. The defective medical device lawyers at Raybin & Weissman, P.C. have handled numerous cases that involved such issues. Drawing on more than 100 years of combined trial experience, our attorneys fight for justice for injured clients and work to protect the quality of life of the families affected by defective medical products.

If you or someone in your family has been harmed by a defective drug or other medical product, please contact the experienced Nashville defective medical device lawyers at Raybin & Weissman, P.C., right away. Based in Nashville, our medical device failure lawyers represent clients throughout Tennessee. Each member of our firm who represents personal injury victims is a trial attorney with at least 20 years of litigation experience, and each of us has been highly rated by our peers and judges.

We offer a free consultation in any case involving injuries or death caused by defective drugs or medical devices. If you do become our client, we get paid only if we obtain recovery on your behalf. Please don’t put off calling: your ability to recover any compensation may depend on prompt action.

We know that pharmaceutical companies and other manufacturers have defective medical device lawyers and other resources dedicated to protecting their interests. We have the skill, experience, and drive to match them, even in the most complex litigation.

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