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Nashville Rear End Collision Lawyer

Of the thousands of motor vehicle accidents that occur in Nashville each year, rear-end collisions are the most common. Unfortunately, these are also the most dangerous type type of car accident.

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, a full 28% of accidents are rear-end collisions, and they account for 1,700 fatalities and 500,000 injuries each year. The nature of these injuries can range from minor to very serious, and some victims face many years of chronic pain, disability, and permanent injuries as a result. Get some help from our Nashville rear-end collision lawyers to get a payout from the rear-end accident.

When Do Most Rear-End Collisions Occur?

Collisions occur while the injured parties’ vehicle is struck in the rear while either:

Neck Pain After Rear-End Wrecks

The most common injuries we see in the Nashville area from rear-end collisions are neck and back. This is supported both by statistical evidence as well as my personal observations based on over twenty-five years of experience.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, spinal injuries and neck are the most common insurance injury claim in the U.S.  Additionally, after having represented literally thousands of people injured from being rear-ended, the most common complaint is neck pain and strain, otherwise known as whiplash, and low back pain.

Our Lawyers Handle Many Rear End Accident Cases in Nashville


While neck and back injuries are the most common, they are certainly not the only types. Our Nashville rear-end accident lawyers see numerous neck injuries each year associated with rear-end crashes, and there are many other injuries that can and do result.

More Common Injuries in Nashville Rear-End Accidents

Often the injuries sustained in a rear-end collision can develop over time and become chronic, particularly with neck pain. Further, and unfortunately, because of the biomechanics at play, there is not necessarily a correlation between the amount of property damage suffered in the impact and the severity of the injury.

Causes of Rear-End Collisions

According to the NHTSA, the most common cause of rear-end collisions is driver distraction.  Distractions such as texting while driving, which is illegal in Tennessee, can cause drivers to fail to notice a light turning red or the car in front of them braking, resulting in an accident.

Who’s at Fault in Rear-End Collisions?

Although the driver who strikes another vehicle from behind is most frequently at fault, there are rear-end collision cases where this is not the case.

However, while fault in most rear-end collisions is fairly clear-cut, it doesn’t mean that the insurance company won’t try to avoid paying claims – especially when there is an injury involved.

Insurance companies are notorious for delaying cases and confusing the issues. They will try to stall paying on claims in any way possible. They will act as your advocate only to try to keep you away from a Nashville rear-end collision lawyer. All of their efforts are designed to pay as little as possible. I have years of experience and a very successful track record fighting for the rights of the injured on this exact type of case.

In light of the above, there are a few basic thoughts to consider if you’re injured in a rear end accident in the Nashville area.

What to Say After a Rear End Accident

It’s important never to admit fault at the scene of an accident.

The better answer is “I don’t know” or “I am hurting.”

Additionally, never say you are fine. After a collision, your body is full of adrenaline and you really don’t know how you are doing.  There is no benefit to being the strong, silent type.

3 Tips if Involved in a Rear-End Car Accident

After a rear-end accident, it’s vital to collect as much evidence regarding the accident as possible to get a payout from the rear-end accident.  At the scene;

  1. Use your phone to take pictures.
  2. Video the damage of your vehicle and the surrounding area.
  3. Gather witness contact information to support the facts of the accident.

Collecting as much information as possible will help whether it’s Metro Davidson Police responding or the TN Highway Patrol responding for accidents outside Nashville.

What to Do After a Rear End Auto Collision

See a doctor as soon as possible after a collision.

This is very important, even if you don’t immediately feel pain, as many injuries can be difficult to detect at first or set in later.  Insurance companies will use lack of action on your part and any statement you make at the scene regarding injuries as evidence against your claim.

When You Need a Nashville Rear-End Lawyer for an Injury in an Accident

The Law Offices of Raybin & Weissman have the experience necessary to handle the most complex rear-end collision cases.  If you have been involved in an accident in the Nashville area, our attorneys can help you through every stage of the process, from gathering evidence to fighting a fault determination to getting a payout of the rear-end accident.

Injuries from a rear-end collision can result in lifelong pain and trauma, but the insurance company will do their best to push a fast settlement that may not take into account the full extent of the damages. Getting the right legal help early on in your case can ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries.