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Norris “Taser Case” Officially Dismissed After Settlement With Cheatham County

September 18, 2017

Norris “Taser Case” Officially Dismissed After Settlement With Cheatham County


Ben Raybin and David Weissman confirm that their client, Jordan Norris, has entered into a settlement agreement to resolve Jordan’s federal civil rights lawsuit against three Cheatham County Sheriff’s Deputies. Following that agreement, the lawsuit was 14 Stipulation of Dismissal today. The lawsuit alleged that the Deputies used excessive force in repeatedly tasing Jordan while he was restrained in a restraint chair after experiencing a mental health episode. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

The settlement involves only the civil lawsuit and has no bearing on the criminal charges brought against Deputy Mark Bryant.  Jordan Norris will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement.

“This experience has been incredibly difficult for Jordan, and he is pleased to have the lawsuit resolved so he can begin to move on with his life,” said Ben Raybin. “Jordan is grateful for the outpouring of support he has received from people all over the world who have expressed their shock and concern.”

Said Raybin: “Federal law provides a civil remedy to compensate citizens whose rights have been violated, which also serves to hold law enforcement accountable. It is troubling that nothing was done in the eight months before this case was reported in the media, but Jordan is satisfied that his lawsuit prompted action to be taken against Deputy Bryant. Most importantly, the Sheriff has stated that steps are being taken within the jail to help ensure this never happens again.”

Jordan continues to struggle from these events and asks that his privacy be respected at this time.