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What Are The Most Dangerous Intersections and Roads in Nashville?

May 15, 2023

What Are The Most Dangerous Intersections and Roads in Nashville?

The various roadways and intersections in Nashville fuel valuable access to jobs, education, recreation, and visiting family and friends. The city’s significant growth indicates a need for more roadways to facilitate efficient travel. However, this growth comes at a price for the people who bike, walk, ride transit, or utilize mobility aids for getting around.

But even some people who drive motor vehicles and use them for private or public transport are also seriously injured or killed in the most dangerous intersections and roads in Nashville. These are high-injury intersections that have the highest concentrations of crashes where victims are seriously injured or killed.

Based on Nashville Vision Zero Action Plan 2022-2026 findings, the high injury network or most dangerous intersections and roads in Nashville for pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers and passengers include the following:

  1. Murfreesboro Pike and Hamilton Church Rd
  2. Harding Place and Sidco Drive
  3. W. Trinity Lane and Brick Church Pike
  4. Murfreesboro Pike and Hobson Pike
  5. Nolensville Pike and Harding Place 
  6. Old Hickory Blvd. and Gallatin Pike
  7. Old Hickory Blvd. and Rio Vista
  8. Nolensville Pike and W Thompson Lane
  9. Murfreesboro Pike and Bell Rd
  10. Charlotte Pike and Old Charlotte Pike
  11. Dickerson Pike and Ewing Drive
  12. Thompson Lane and Briley Pkwy
  13. Dickerson Pike and East Trinity Lane
  14. Bell Rd and Blue Hole Rd

What’s Happening in The Most Dangerous Intersections and Roads in Nashville?

Some roadways and streets are simply more dangerous and fatal than others. The most recent Nashville Vision Zero Action Plan found that 2,899 severe injuries and 468 traffic-related fatalities have occurred in the high-injury network of roads. Likewise, the streets with faster and more traffic are usually located in the high-injury network. Other startling facts about Nashville’s high-injury network include:

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