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Motorcycle Safety: 5 Tips to Prevent an Accident

May 28, 2014

Motorcycle Safety: 5 Tips to Prevent an Accident

Motorcycle Riders

As summer approaches, Tennesseans are eager to venture outdoors to experience their favorite lake or nearest concert or festival.

To reach these outdoor venues, many will drive cars, but some of us will choose a more free-spirited means of travel, the chrome horse of the highway. Motorcycles are a summer favorite for many in terms of transportation. The freedom of the road, the sun on their face and the wind in their hair calls out in a much louder voice than a car or minivan.

Because motorcycle traffic increases tremendously during the summer months, the National Highway Safety Administration has deemed May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. As this is the case, now is a good time to look at what motorcyclists need to do to remain safe on the road.

As motorcycle traffic increases, so does the risk of motorcycle accidents. For that reason, it is essential that all drivers, whether on two wheels or four, be aware of some good common sense tips to avoid hazards and keep people safe. However, given the relative small size of the motorcycle versus the car, I wanted to take the opportunity to remind bikers to be particularly vigilant.

Basic Motorcycle Safety Tips

The Tennessee Department of Safety has published certain common sense tips regarding motorcycle safety. These include:

However, these are so common sense they really don’t get to the heart of the matter. The real risk of the road is CARS!

Recognize that most car drivers don’t like motorcyclists. Motorcyclists make car drivers uncomfortable. Many car drivers don’t think motorcyclists have the same right to the road. While they are wrong, they are also bigger. So govern yourself accordingly.

Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Here are some additional tips to keep motorcyclists safe on the road:

By following these simple reminders above, you can have a fun and safe summer enjoying your motorcycle on the open road.

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