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December 10, 2015

Meet the Press: Dealing with the Media in High Profile Cases

“In the context of judicial proceedings, an attorney’s First Amendment rights are not without limits. Although litigants and lawyers do not check their First Amendment rights at the courthouse door, those rights are often subordinated to other interests inherent in the judicial setting.”

Pretrial publicity is often seen as a war for the hearts and minds of the jury. The Rules of Professional Conduct, as well as local rules, govern what attorneys and prosecutors may convey to the media in criminal cases. There is always a great deal of tension between what the Rules dictate and reality where police, family members, victims and others are already talking to the media.

Basic Rules

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Tennessee Rule of Professional Conduct for Attorneys                Page 2

Tennessee Rule of Professional Conduct for Prosecutors             Page 30

Special Additional Rules in Federal Court.                                       Page 42

Obligation to be Truthful and Respect Rights of Third Persons.   Page 46

Media Public Records Access and Protecting Discovery.                Page 52

Slander                                                                                                       Page 80

Insulting the Judge                                                                                 Page 83

Closure of Court Proceedings                                                               Page 103

Gag Orders                                                                                                Page 114

Change of Venue                                                                                      Page 127

Speaking to Jurors                                                                                   Page 141