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If You Are in a Fight With a Bouncer, Here is What You Need to Know

February 26, 2023

If You Are in a Fight With a Bouncer, Here is What You Need to Know

In Tennessee, it’s common to see bouncers or security guards at bars, nightclubs, concerts, festivals, and even some sporting events. Their job is to help keep people safe and to maintain the peace. Generally, they are good at what they do and can be trusted. However, there are times when they get out of hand with patrons or attendees, causing physical injuries and property damage.

If this happens, and you are injured, you may have recourse through the civil courts. However, it depends on the circumstances. If you got into a fight with a bouncer and were injured, one of your first steps should be to contact an experienced Tennessee criminal defense attorney. They can bring clarity to the situation and help identify your rights. If you do have a valid personal injury claim, they can help you pursue it.

What are Bouncers Allowed to Do?

Bouncers can’t just fight others or be physically aggressive. In fact, under Tennessee laws, a bouncer has no more authority than any regular citizen. Even still establishing to the court that a bouncer assaulted is likely going to be an uphill battle. You also need to remember that bouncers have the right to self-defense like any other citizen. If a fight breaks out, it’s common for the bouncer to point their finger at you, and the nightclub or other establishment owners will testify on their behalf.

If you suffered severe injuries in a fight with a bouncer, you are more likely to have a successful civil legal claim. Many bouncers lack adequate training and might rely on physical and fighting techniques that are extremely dangerous or even life-threatening. For instance, if a bouncer kneels on top of someone, they might not understand that this could cause difficulty breathing or even worse problems.

What is Assault?

In Tennessee, a bouncer can be held liable if they commit an assault or other related offenses. Assault means threats of violence or attempting to use physical violence or the act of violence or force. Suppose the bouncer fights you and commits an act of assault. In that case, you have the legal right to file a civil claim against the bouncer and their employer for the damages you sustain because of your injuries.

It should be noted that a civil case is separate from a criminal action. In a criminal case, the state or local government prosecutes the person for the crime. If they are found guilty, they will face criminal punishments, such as hefty fines and jail time. No matter what happens with their criminal charges, you still have the right to pursue a civil case against them and their employer. A Tennessee personal injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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At Raybin & Weissman, Attorneys at law, our skilled Tennessee personal injury lawyers know how to help assault victims seek justice for the damages. We perform a thorough investigation to determine who is liable for causing your injuries. We maximize your compensation by holding multiple parties accountable whenever appropriate. If you were recently in a fight with a bouncer, contact us today for help. We can be reached by phone at 615-256-6666 or online.