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If a Bouncer Assaults Me, Can I Sue the Bar?

March 01, 2023

If a Bouncer Assaults Me, Can I Sue the Bar?

Although many people think that bouncers have special rights or privileges in Tennessee or that they are law enforcement officers, this isn’t true. Bouncers have no special rights or protections other than those afforded to everyday people. They don’t have the right to use force whenever they feel like it.

If a bouncer assaults you and it wasn’t in self-defense, or the violence was too disproportionate to qualify as self-defense, you can sue both the bouncer and their employer. A seasoned Tennessee personal injury lawyer can help you pursue your rights to a civil claim and obtain compensation for your damages.

Who has Liability for Injuries Caused by a Bouncer?

When a bouncer unnecessarily causes a patron or someone injuries, they and their employer are liable for their actions. They can be held personally liable, and the bar or other establishment can also be held liable. Many injury victims find it easier and more productive to pursue a claim against the bar or other establishment than personally against the bouncer. This is because the bar will have its own liability insurance to cover the damages. Most bouncers probably don’t have the assets to pursue or their own liability insurance to pay for the damages they cause.

Bars are liable for the actions of their employees; this is especially true if they failed to ensure they were hiring a reliable, trustworthy person. For example, suppose they hired someone with a history of assault or didn’t provide proper training before letting them work. In that case, they are responsible for the damages they caused. In fact, a new law was enacted at the beginning of  2023, requiring bouncers to have additional training. However, it’s expected that many establishments will likely not comply with the new requirements, further setting themselves up to be liable for the injurious actions of their employees.

What Can You Sue For?

You can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit for the damages caused by your injuries. Your damages can be both economic and non-economic. Economic damages are related to financial losses and include:

Economic damages already have a determined value. However, non-economic damages don’t and are subjective. They include things like:

Since they are subjective, the existence and value of non-economic damages are harder to prove. It takes a skilled Tennessee personal injury attorney to establish these damages in an injury claim and maximize the claimant’s compensation.

Seek Compensation with the Help of a Knowledgeable Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney

A knowledgeable Tennessee personal injury lawyer could help you seek the compensation you deserve if a bouncer injured you. Bouncers are generally not permitted by law to assault patrons or have special privileges. If they assault someone, they and their employer are liable. Contact Raybin & Weissman, Attorneys at Law today for help. You can reach us by phone at 615-256-6666 or online. We can help you pursue compensation for your damages from all liable parties.