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Protecting Your Rights: How Criminal Defense Lawyers in Davidson County, Tennessee Can Help You Fight Criminal Charges

June 01, 2023

Protecting Your Rights: How Criminal Defense Lawyers in Davidson County, Tennessee Can Help You Fight Criminal Charges

The criminal justice system is one of the most complex areas of law. If you have been arrested, your first step is to discuss your case with a Nashville criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can advise you about what to expect moving forward and, depending on the specific circumstances of your case, arrange for your release.

At Raybin & Weissman, our Nashville criminal defense lawyers provide free initial case reviews so that you can ask questions about your case and find out what steps you should be taking to protect your legal rights and avoid a conviction. If you have yet to schedule your consultation with us, here’s what you can generally expect when you work with our Nashville criminal defense lawyers.

Collect Evidence to Support Your Case

Unfortunately, not all eyewitnesses may be comfortable talking to or giving information and statements to people who have been accused of a crime. However, they are usually fine with talking to a lawyer or investigator. Your lawyer will also work with investigators who are trained to scrutinize potential witnesses that the prosecution may present to find evidence that will hurt their credibility as witnesses, which will immensely help your case.

Review The Charges Against You and Develop a Strong Defense Strategy

By reviewing the charges you are facing and the evidence against you, your Nashville criminal defense lawyer will learn what you are up against and how to fight it. They will be able to develop a solid defense strategy based on the facts of your case and determine the most appropriate option for you, such as trying to have your case dismissed, fighting your charges in a criminal trial, or getting your charges reduced.

Secure a Plea Bargain

A plea bargain can reduce your potential sentence and dismiss some or all the charges you are facing. Your lawyer will work with the prosecutor to negotiate a plea bargain and inform you of all the pros and cons of accepting one, which is extremely crucial. Many people plead guilty without considering the consequences because it would result in a shorter sentence.

But depending on the specific charges, you might find it difficult or impossible to obtain or keep a professional license, a decent job, or buy insurance with a criminal conviction. It’s also worth noting that immigrants or foreign nationals may face immigration issues that require careful consideration.

Negotiate Alternative Sentencing Options

You may qualify for alternative sentencing options if getting your case dismissed is not possible. Alternate sentencing options were intended to rehabilitate offenders (usually non-violent) instead of just letting them waste away in prison. These options include home confinement, probation, drug and alcohol treatment programs, work release programs, and community service. Your Nashville criminal defense lawyer can ensure that you understand how all these programs work, their pros and cons, and what might be the most suitable option for your specific case.

Consult With a Seasoned Nashville Criminal Defense Lawyers Today

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime, please reach out to the Nashville criminal defense lawyers at Raybin & Weissman right away, so we can get started on building your defense. Dial 615-256-6666 or reach us online to schedule your free case review now.