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What Does A Good Attorney Do?

December 12, 2014

What Does A Good Attorney Do?

A Good Attorney Is…

above all else, your champion. What do I mean by this? When you retain me, you are hiring more than someone who knows the law. I think it goes without saying that you expect any lawyer you hire to be knowledgeable. I should know the law. I should be intelligent. I should be experienced. What makes me a good attorney is that I am passionate and compassionate. I will get to know you- who you are, how you have been injured, physically, emotionally and financially, and how I can fix that.

Champion for the Common Man

Our 32nd President, Franklin Roosevelt, used to refer to himself  as the champion for the common man. That is how I try to govern myself. I will fight for you through thick and thin against an insurance company that has more money, more experience and more resources than you. I am the guy who will level the playing field.

In considering what makes a lawyer good, he certainly must have experience, great results and the financial backing to take on the “giants.” However, those things alone are not enough. If your lawyer doesn’t care about you, not just your case but you personally, then he is not a good lawyer for you. By getting to know you and your family personally, I learn what I need to know about you, and vice versa, to form a great team, one that will get you the results you are entitled to.