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Don’t Forget to Double Check Yourself for Weapons Before Entering Airport Security Checkpoint

March 09, 2011

Don’t Forget to Double Check Yourself for Weapons Before Entering Airport Security Checkpoint

When I get a call at the office from someone that is in trouble at the Nashville Airport, I almost always find that they failed to do the simple task described in the title of this article.
By the time they have gotten to the airport security checkpoint they have probably already been asked once about whether they are carrying weapons and have likely passed several warning signs, and of course everyone knows you can’t carry a weapon into the airport, yet I still see clients regularly that made it to airport security with a weapon of some kind.
Some are women carrying self-defense weapons called kubatons on their keychains that are designed to protect themselves in dark parking lots; others are men that carry asps, brass knuckles, or collapsible batons to protect themselves when traveling late at night; and some are people that have concealed weapon carry permits that are so used to carrying their handgun in their laptop bag or carry bag for automobile travel that they simply forget it is in there.
Well in each of these cases, once such person makes their way to the airport security checkpoint, they will soon find themselves in an airport police office. If their story is believable enough and they have little or no prior record, they will probably find themselves on the receiving end of a misdemeanor citation for illegally carrying or possession of weapons, a far better consequence than a federal charge for attempting to board an airplane with a weapon, but a criminal offense that carries criminal consequences. Even if you get a state citation and you are not charged federally, you may still find that the Federal Aviation Administration attempts to impose a civil penalty for your actions.
If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact a criminal attorney to help you with this matter. A criminal attorney may be able to help you avoid a permanent criminal conviction and the possible jail time of 11 months and 29 days that you would be facing. Our office has experience handling these types of cases in Nashville, Tennessee. Feel free to contact Vince Wyatt,David Raybin, or Ben Raybin or you may call us directly at (615) 256-6666.