Dave was extremely professional but more importantly I was treated as a person not a case. He always returned calls and emails in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dave to help with legal needs! -Jennifer S.

As someone who never had a lawyer, David made everything as simple as possible. He is very easy to communicate with and provides all the answers and support you will ever need. If I ever need a lawyer again, David will be my first choice to contact. -Andrew

I was falsely accused of something and had an order filed against me. Ben represented me during court and successfully had the order dismissed. He also went above and beyond to make sure it would not show up on my record. – Brittany.

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Knowing the Admissibility of DUI Test Results

July 9, 2014

A motorist suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol in Tennessee will likely be asked to submit to blood alcohol test to determine if their blood alcohol level registers at .08 or greater. When Are DUI Test Results Inadmissible? More than twenty years ago, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled in State v. Sensing that […]

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4 Tips to Avoid a Holiday DUI

December 13, 2013

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. However, there are not many things that put more of a damper on the holiday season than getting arrested for DUI. It is important that we remind ourselves to plan ahead before attending events where alcohol will be served. That way, you can still have fun at the party […]

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Lost DUI Arrest Video May Lead to Charges Being Dropped

September 19, 2013

Last month, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled in State v. Merriman that it would be fundamentally unfair for a person charged with DUI to stand trial when the police lost the video recording of that person’s DUI traffic stop. The court based its ruling on the application of State v. Ferguson, which is the precedent […]

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Are DUI Checkpoints Legal?

July 8, 2013

A citizen’s YouTube video encounter with the police at a sobriety checkpoint has engendered enormous interest. And a lot of legal questions. Nancy Amons for Channel 4 News asked me to comment on this. My interview has prompted other print and television media to request a more detailed exposition of the law and how that […]

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Should you take the breath test if you are stopped for drunk driving?

December 28, 2012

This holiday there will be a lot of people on the road. Some may be drinking. This holiday there will be a lot of law enforcement officers on the road. They will be looking to arrest folks who are under the influence. With certain exceptions most people under suspicion of driving under the influence will […]

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