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Common Reasons for SSD Denials

June 06, 2019

Common Reasons for SSD Denials

Only 30 percent of all social security disability (SSD) requests get approved. Consequently, there are a lot of denials and many reasons why requests get denied. If  you’re wondering “why was I denied SSD?”, reevaluating your claim and appealing the decision can be a smart move.

With the help of an experienced SSD lawyer from Raybin & Weissman, P.C., you may have a strong chance of changing the SSD department’s original decision. While their decision will ultimately depend on your condition, understanding how to present your claim effectively is also important.

Why was I denied SSD?

One of the reasons for SSD denial is because not enough medical evidence is provided. If you find that this is the reason your claim was denied, appealing the decision and providing adequate medical evidence may be possible. If your condition is severe enough to qualify for SSD, you should have medical reports to prove it. Your SSD attorney can help gather this evidence.

Multiple Previous Denials

Many individuals will get denied multiple times for social security disability and then apply again, which ultimately decreases their chances of ever getting approved. It’s better to appeal a denied decision than to reapply because the SSD department can see your old requests and denials either way.

Having Too High of an Income

The SSD department takes into consideration your total income when approving or denying your SSD request. If you make too high of an income outside of being unable to work, then this may show that you don’t need financial help from the government. This can be a key reason for SSD denial.

Failure to Cooperate

Failing to follow the medical treatment recommended by your doctor or failing to cooperate with the SSD department’s requests are both common reasons why you may get denied for SSD benefits. Thankfully, both of these denials are within your control.

If you can change your behavior and show the SSD department that you’re cooperating, then you can appeal their decision and, hopefully, this will change their minds and lead them to reverse the result.

Don’t Panic after an SSD Denial

If your social security disability request does get denied, it’s important not to panic. An overwhelming number of requests get denied from the start, even for disabled victims who rightfully qualify. There’s a reconsideration and appeals process in place for a reason, and hiring legal representation can help ensure that you understand the reason behind the SSD denial and that the department takes a closer look at your case.

Reach Out to a Social Security Disability Lawyer

At Raybin & Weissman, P.C., we have ample experience handling SSD denial cases. If you’ve been denied SSD benefits, we’ll investigate your request and gather the proper evidence to ensure your claim is comprehensive and worth a second look. That way, when we appeal the request, the SSD department should understand that you deserve these benefits.

If you’re currently asking yourself “why was I denied SSD?”, speak with a social security disability attorney, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation by filling out the contact form below or by calling 615-256-6666.