Dave was extremely professional but more importantly I was treated as a person not a case. He always returned calls and emails in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dave to help with legal needs! -Jennifer S.

As someone who never had a lawyer, David made everything as simple as possible. He is very easy to communicate with and provides all the answers and support you will ever need. If I ever need a lawyer again, David will be my first choice to contact. -Andrew

I was falsely accused of something and had an order filed against me. Ben represented me during court and successfully had the order dismissed. He also went above and beyond to make sure it would not show up on my record. – Brittany.

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Civil Rights

Lawyer for the Condemned: I Witnessed What Should be the Last Electric Chair Execution

June 23, 2014

Tennessee brings back the electric chair!  I could not believe that my state would return to what I consider a barbaric practice. I am not opposed to the death penalty in all cases. However, having actually seen Tennessee’s last electrocution on September, 12 2007, I think we should not reintroduce such archaic torture as a […]

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Federal Appeals Court Overturns Ruling for Shackled Pregnant Inmate in Villegas Case

March 4, 2013

Today, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals overruled an award of $200,000 to a pregnant inmate who was shackled immediately before and after giving birth.  Villegas v. Metro. Gov’t of Nashville, -F.3d-, No. 11-6031 (6th Cir. March 4, 2013).  The appeals court simply decided that the case should have been decided by a jury rather […]

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Tennessee Supreme Court Mandates Corroboration of Anonymous Tips

June 7, 2012

Police were contacted by an anonymous caller in May of 2009 who stated that an “armed party” was at a Covington motel.  No information regarding the description of the weapon, the ethnicity, gender, or physical appearance of the suspect(s), or the clothing worn was provided.  Six different officers responded to the dispatch and immediately upon […]

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Federal Lawsuit Filed in Response to Humphreys County Police Beating

January 19, 2012

Darren T. Ring, a 35-year-old resident of the City of Waverly, has had a federal civil rights lawsuit filed on his behalf in response to an alleged instance of police brutality, which I reported on in the July 2011 article “Police Beating Caught on Tape.” Ring is represented by attorney David Raybin, a distinguished member […]

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Inmates with Diabetes Have Rights when Medical Care Is Ignored

November 2, 2011

Inmates that receive poor medical care for Diabetes while incarcerated have protections under State and Federal law. Inmates may bring a claim under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 if they can establish that their constitutional rights were violated by guards or medical staff. The most common constitutional amendment implicated by inmates with diabetes is the Eighth […]

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