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City Of Cranes: Nashville’s Construction Zones & Safety Laws


It is no secret that Nashville is growing at an unprecedented rate. Everywhere you look there is some type of construction or new building project going on. Whether it is road construction or a new high rise going up downtown, this much is clear- Nashville is booming.

Nashville Cranes

Construction Cranes: A Signal Of A Strong Economy

A friend of mine in real estate told me the other day the sign of a strong economy in any given city is the amount of cranes operating at one time within the city limits. Apparently the number of cranes that signals a vibrant, growing economy is anywhere from three and five. As I look out my office window while writing this, I count ten cranes within the downtown Nashville area.

Of course, this comes as no surprise to anyone who has recently sampled our chaotic downtown traffic, which is slow and messy from morning to evening. It seems as though every hour is rush hour. The patience of Job is a useful companion when driving anywhere downtown, as it seems to take a lifetime to get where you need to go.

There is not a downtown route, whether to the Bridgestone Arena, Ryman Auditorium or Nissan Stadium (formerly LP Field) that doesn’t take you through a construction zone.

While all these construction zones are benefitting the city, they are both a nuisance and source of constant frustration. However, as they are a fact of life, we need to be mindful of a safety law associated with them. Specifically, it is the need to reduce speed in a construction zone.

Slow For The Cone Zone

It’s really impossible right now to avoid torn up streets and construction in downtown Nashville right now.

T.C.A 55-8-153 states that drivers are required to obey speed limits at all times within construction zones, especially when workers are present in those zones. Any violation of this law due to drivers speeding or driving recklessly will be subject to a minimum $250.00 fine.

While speeding is dangerous, speeding in a construction zone is potentially deadly. It carries such a heightened risk that Metro has taken the liberty to place police officers at every construction site/zone in the downtown area.

It’s Not About Convenience, It’s About Saving Lives

While inconvenient, this law is essential. That is why it carries a heightened fine for violation. It is in place to ensure the safety and protection not only for construction site personnel, but also fellow motorists who can be victimized by impatient, speeding, weaving drivers.

Therefore, be aware of these construction zones as you commute through and around Nashville.

We all have places to be daily but trust me when I say that speeding or rushing through a construction zone is not worth the consequences of a paying a fine or worse… colliding with another vehicle or hitting a construction worker.

The following are common sense tips to make the daily commute safer, if not necessarily more pleasant.

  • Plan Ahead.
    • If you have somewhere to be at a certain time and know you will have to travel through a construction zone, give yourself plenty of time. Leave early enough to compensate for the delays and traffic you will inevitably encounter.
  • Try and Schedule Appointments Midday, Not At Morning or Evening Rush Hour.
    • If you can do this, you will find a lot less traffic if you travel through a construction zone. You won’t feel rushed, will keep your stress levels down, and generally find the ride a lot safer and more pleasant.
  • Learn to Live With It.
    • There is not a whole lot we can do. All of the construction zones are basically a necessary evil because they are only benefiting our city. Ultimately all we can do is take a deep breath, relax, and follow the law. As annoying as it is, it is in place to protect us all.

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