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Casey Anthony Found Innocent On Murder Charge

July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony Found Innocent On Murder Charge

After nearly eleven hours of deliberation, Casey Anthony was found innocent of the murder of Caylee Anthony, her two year old daughter. However, the jury did find Casey Anthony guilty of four counts of lying to a police officer connected to the case. Caylee’s body was found in December 2008 in the woods near the Anthony’s home. The prosecution believed Casey to have murdered Caylee, on June 16th, 2008, in order to preserve her party lifestyle and dumped Caylee’s remains in the nearby woods. Alternatively, the defense took the position that Caylee accidentally drowned in a swimming pool and that the death was covered up by Casey’s father, George Anthony, to make it appear that she had been murdered. A video clip of ABC News’ coverage of the verdict can be found here.


Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of Murder Of Daughter

Casey Anthony Acquitted Of Murder

Posted By: Eston Whiteside