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Can I Sue for an Electric Scooter Accident in Nashville?

June 07, 2019

Can I Sue for an Electric Scooter Accident in Nashville?

Whether you are visiting our beautiful city of Nashville for the first time or are a resident who loves the freedom of being able to get around the city easily, chances are high you’ve rented an electric scooter. Popular rental scooter companies like Lime, Bird, Bolt, Lyft, and others make it easy to get around town in this fun way.

Unfortunately, it’s also possible that you’ve endured significant injuries in an electric scooter accident.

When someone else is the cause of your scooter wreck and your life has been considerably impacted by the collision and your resulting injuries, you may be able to sue for an electric scooter accident in Nashville. Continue reading to learn more about who may be at fault for your crash and how we’ll work to get the most out of your civil claim.

Liability in Rental Scooter Crashes

There are several different reasons why an electric scooter could be involved in an accident. In most cases, the driver of another vehicle or the person driving the electric scooter could be to blame. Perhaps they had one too many alcoholic beverages or were distracted while driving. In any case, the driver of either vehicle isn’t the only party who could be at fault.

Some rental scooter companies have reports of malfunctioning parts or faulty equipment that have caused drivers/operators to be harmed in some way. In these cases, the company itself—and even its distributors and safety inspectors, in some cases—could possibly be held accountable for the injuries you sustained in the resulting collision.

Additionally, there is always the chance that the roadways themselves are the issue. When a road becomes dangerous due to, say, a large pothole, uncleared debris in the road, or missing street signs, then the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) could even be to blame for your injuries.

Obtaining Compensation for Your Scooter Crash

When you have been severely or even catastrophically injured in an electric scooter accident, the purpose of the pursuit of a personal injury claim is both to ensure that the liable party is brought to justice and to do what’s possible to see that you are able to recover compensation for the varying ways your life has been damaged by your injuries.

It is our goal to ensure that you get the most out of your Nashville lawsuit. This means that we will need to know every single loss you’ve endured, including any of the following:

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