Dave was extremely professional but more importantly I was treated as a person not a case. He always returned calls and emails in a very timely manner. I would definitely recommend Dave to help with legal needs! -Jennifer S.

As someone who never had a lawyer, David made everything as simple as possible. He is very easy to communicate with and provides all the answers and support you will ever need. If I ever need a lawyer again, David will be my first choice to contact. -Andrew

I was falsely accused of something and had an order filed against me. Ben represented me during court and successfully had the order dismissed. He also went above and beyond to make sure it would not show up on my record. – Brittany.

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Why has the Tennessee Supreme Court suspended jury trials until Independence Day?

May 28, 2020

Our attorney, David Raybin contributed to the Tennessean with an opinion piece titled: Why has the Tennessee Supreme Court suspended jury trials until Independence Day? You can read more about why Tennessee has ordered that jury trials continue to be postponed until after July 3 here: Why has the Tennessee Supreme Court suspended jury trials until […]

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Who Can Be Released from Jail or Prison During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

May 11, 2020

Here at Raybin & Weissman, we have gotten several calls from people who have loved ones in Tennessee jails or prisons. Understandably, people are very worried about infection from COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. However, an inmate’s eligibility for release depends on their current situation and location. Not everyone is even eligible for early release. […]

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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Citation or Summons?

April 22, 2020

As part of the COVID-19 response, Nashville Police have been issuing criminal citations or summonses instead of arresting people. Do those who receive a citations or summons for a criminal charge still need a lawyer? Yes! A criminal citation and summons is still a criminal charge that will require appearing in court and the possibility […]

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Unlawful Detainers

April 13, 2020

Case: Belgravia Square, LLC v. Melvin White, et al. Facts: Borrower refused to vacate his property after it was sold to Company at a foreclosure auction, so Company filed an unlawful detainer action in general sessions court. Company prevailed, and Borrower appealed to circuit court while retaining possession of the property. Company moved for a […]

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Negligent Insurance Procurement Suits

April 13, 2020

Case: Talat Parveen Et Al. v. ACG South Insurance Agency, LLC Et Al. Facts: Plaintiffs contacted an insurance agent to procure a new umbrella insurance policy with the same terms as their existing one, which included excess uninsured motorist coverage. Such coverage was not included, but they payed premiums and renewed the policy for several […]

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