Insurance Options: What Victims of Car Wrecks in Tennessee Should Know

“I was involved in an accident with a driver who does not have insurance.” Many times we have clients come in the office and they are involved in a motor vehicle accident where the person who caused the accident does not have car insurance. … [Read more...]

Improving Davidson County’s Worst Intersections: Changes in Antioch

(This article is Part 2 of a 3 part series of articles on the 15 most dangerous intersections undergoing major improvements in Davidson County.  Click here to read Part 1.) Two busy Antioch intersections and another three in South Nashville … [Read more...]

Elderly Woman Killed in Own Living Room by Drunk Driver

Bobbie Ann Lafollette was described by her family as a kind, loving, Christian woman who was a mother, grandmother, sister, and friend to countless people she came across during her life. It was early Monday morning when Ms. Lafollette, … [Read more...]

Frequently Asked Questions After a Car Wreck

In almost every initial meeting with clients, we are asked some of the same questions. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answered them below: 1. Who pays for my medical expenses? When you are involved in an … [Read more...]

After You’ve Been in a Car Accident in Nashville

I had a conversation with a potential client in Nashville this morning who said something that I hear all too often. She said, “I thought I could handle this with the adjuster directly, but I realize I cannot.” She then went on to tell me … [Read more...]

7 Year Old Boy Killed In Distracted Driving Crash In Brentwood

Hayes Springer’s birthday was just around the corner. He would have been going into the second grade at Scales Elementary School. Instead of balloons and a birthday party at the Springer’s on June 16th, Hayes birthday, there were blue ribbons … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t Your Child’s School Bus Have Seat Belts?

It is very strange. We all know the law regarding automobiles is absolute with regard to seat belts. We’ve all seen the commercial “click it or ticket.” Unfortunately, we’ve all seen the tragedies that result when people don’t use seat … [Read more...]

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