The Legal Ramifications Of Computer Metadata

Today, technology is an essential part of how lawyers and business professionals operate. Lawyers are familiar with discovery and the requirements set forth by the courts for complying with discovery demands. Likewise, they also understand … [Read more...]

Battered Woman’s Syndrome Gains Judicial Support

Recent court decisions emphasize a growing trend in the acceptance of the notion that battered partners can use force to defend themselves and even kill their abusers. This domestic violence concept, referred to as "battered woman syndrome," … [Read more...]

Tennessee Supreme Court Proposes “Bidding” System For Indigent Legal Services

Anyone who watches police or detective television shows is familiar with a person's Miranda rights. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, … [Read more...]

Handwriting Analysis and the Law

Handwriting analysis, also known as graphology, is the study of handwriting to determine a person's personality. Graphologists study script characteristics such as pressure, continuity, letter proportions, the length and angle of strokes, and … [Read more...]

Tips For Successful Cause Challenges

Oftentimes, the success of a case can be greatly influenced by an attorney's approach to jury selection. Likewise, the aspect that an attorney is in the most control over during this process is the construction and justification of cause … [Read more...]

What Those Involved in Civil and Criminal Cases Need to Know about Facebook and other Social Media Sites

David and Ben Raybin authored an article that was recently published in the Tennessee Bar Journal on this topic. Such article highlights the many concerns that attorneys should have about their client having a facebook, my space, twitter, etc. … [Read more...]

Did your Insurance agents do all they could to get you flood insurance before the Nashville flood?

LEGAL FACTS ABOUT THE NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FLOOD OF 2010 Now that the flood waters are receding, we as Tennesseans have to start dealing with the aftermath of the greatest natural disaster to ever hit Middle Tennessee. As we assess the damage, … [Read more...]

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