What Does A Good Attorney Do?

A Good Attorney Is... above all else, your champion. What do I mean by this? When you retain me, you are hiring more than someone who knows the law. I think it goes without saying that you expect any lawyer you hire to be knowledgeable. I … [Read more...]

Do I Have A Good Case?

This is by far the most common question I am asked by my clients. While this is a simple question, it does not have a simple answer. There are a host of factors that have to be considered to answer the question. In general terms, when … [Read more...]

What Questions Should I Ask My Attorney?

In selecting an attorney, you should be primarily concerned with whether they have the ability and skill to properly represent you in your case. When meeting an attorney for the first time, you should ask them about their past experience with … [Read more...]

Do I Need An Attorney?

Involved in an accident? If you have been involved in an accident and injured as a result, then you absolutely need to hire an attorney. This is not a situation that anyone without experience should handle on their own. As the saying goes- … [Read more...]

Can I Discharge My Attorney?

Steps You Can Take If you have an attorney and think you are not being represented the way you deserve, there are certain steps you should take. First, ensure the lines of communication are open. Schedule a face to face meeting and … [Read more...]

As My Attorney, What Do You Do?

As Your Attorney: I will do everything in my power to allow you to put all of your focus on your recovery from your injuries. I will keep you informed, direct your actions, and handle the legal aspects of your claim. I will make you as … [Read more...]

Congratulations To Vince Wyatt!

The lawyers and staff of Raybin & Weissman want to take this opportunity to congratulate Vince Wyatt on his decision to join the Metropolitan Nashville District Attorney office. After his many years with the firm, Vince decided this was … [Read more...]

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