Ashley F. Galmish Honored as President Appointed Young Lawyers

We at Raybin and Weissman congratulate Ashley F. Galmish on her recognition as one of three President Appointed Young Lawyers. The newly elected 2016-2017 president of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association (formerly Tennessee Association for … [Read more...]

Meet the Press: Dealing with the Media in High Profile Cases

"In the context of judicial proceedings, an attorney's First Amendment rights are not without limits. Although litigants and lawyers do not check their First Amendment rights at the courthouse door, those rights are often subordinated to other … [Read more...]

Do You Ever Turn Down Cases?

First, lets get to know each other I am frequently asked if I ever turn down cases. The short answer is yes, even if it is a case I believe has financial value. The reason I do so is that I need to make sure we are a good fit for each other … [Read more...]

Is My Attorney Doing A Good Job?

One of the primary benefits in hiring an attorney is being freed up to focus on getting better. You want, and should be able, to turn the legal mess over to the professional. That being said, unfortunately, sometimes it doesn't work that … [Read more...]

What Is The First Thing An Attorney Should Do?

A good attorney will do the following: A good attorney will make an instant connection with you. Establish channels of communication that will make you comfortable. They will make you feel confident. In establishing that … [Read more...]

Are Credentials Important?

Credentials Are Earned Through Experience You have heard that "experience is the best teacher." That is true- there is no substitute for experience. After twenty five years of trying cases, I cannot imagine encountering a scenario I have not … [Read more...]

How Do Attorneys Get Paid?

  When deciding whether to retain an attorney, one of the most important pieces of information you need is what is this going to cost me. Unlike most attorneys who bill by the hour, personal injury attorneys charge contingent fees. … [Read more...]

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