Should you take the breath test if you are stopped for drunk driving?

This holiday there will be a lot of people on the road. Some may be drinking. This holiday there will be a lot of law enforcement officers on the road. They will be looking to arrest folks who are under the influence. With certain … [Read more...]

Possible Overservice of Patron Leads to Fatal Wrong-Way Crash

Rebecca Benson, 22, is facing a vehicular homicide charge for her involvement in a wrong-way crash that claimed the life of Steffanie Leonard, 29, in February.  Police maintain that Benson was driving the wrong way when she merged onto I-65 … [Read more...]

I Am from Tennessee but I got a DUI while visiting another State, How Do I Get a Restricted License?

This question arises quite frequently as college students that are from Tennessee will get convicted of DUI while they are away at college. It also happens to Tennessee business travelers who encounter drinking and driving charges in other … [Read more...]

Attempting to Give Breath Test May Help Avoid a DUI

Everyone has probably heard at one time or another that you should always refuse to give a breath test if you have been drinking alcohol. I don't give the same advice. I simply telll my friends and family not to get behind the wheel of a … [Read more...]

Window Tinting May Get You Pulled Over in Tennessee

Much like an expired license plate or a broken taillight, tinted windows can be used by police officers in Tennessee to make a vehicle stop. Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-9-107 prohibits driving a car that has windows that have been altered with a … [Read more...]

Failing to use turn signal is not always enough to justify police stop

In researching a Tennessee law related to a client's recent DUI stop, I came across the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals 2000 decision in State v. Gonzalez. In such case, a Franklin, Tennessee (Williamson County) police officer initiated … [Read more...]

What Those Involved in Civil and Criminal Cases Need to Know about Facebook and other Social Media Sites

David and Ben Raybin authored an article that was recently published in the Tennessee Bar Journal on this topic. Such article highlights the many concerns that attorneys should have about their client having a facebook, my space, twitter, etc. … [Read more...]

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