Could Ex-Titan Keith Bulluck Sue for Malicious Prosecution?

Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck was arrested recently for felony robbery after an altercation with a taxi driver. As reported in the media, the taxi driver has a history of filing false reports and allegedly lying about being … [Read more...]

Are Your Office E-Mails to Your Spouse Protected by the Marital Privilege?

By David Raybin Can the police subpoena your emails to your spouse?  Can your emails be subject to a subpoena? Marital Privilege  Doctrine Are your emails to your spouse protected when written on a work computer?  According to one … [Read more...]

Inmates with Diabetes Have Rights when Medical Care Is Ignored

Inmates that receive poor medical care for Diabetes while incarcerated have protections under State and Federal law. Inmates may bring a claim under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 if they can establish that their constitutional rights were violated by … [Read more...]

Improper Background Checks and Inaccurate Information Grounds For Lawsuit

Reports have been coming in of improper background checks being conducted by various companies. Not only have the background checks produced false information but have also been conducted in unacceptable ways, such as failing to give … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget to Double Check Yourself for Weapons Before Entering Airport Security Checkpoint

When I get a call at the office from someone that is in trouble at the Nashville Airport, I almost always find that they failed to do the simple task described in the title of this article. By the time they have gotten to the airport security … [Read more...]

What Those Involved in Civil and Criminal Cases Need to Know about Facebook and other Social Media Sites

David and Ben Raybin authored an article that was recently published in the Tennessee Bar Journal on this topic. Such article highlights the many concerns that attorneys should have about their client having a facebook, my space, twitter, etc. … [Read more...]

What a Vanderbilt Student needs to know if charged with a Student Conduct Violation or Violation of the Honor Code?

1. Take it very seriously. Many students are consumed with their class schedule, exams, and writing assignments and fail to give these things the proper attention that they deserve. A student should consider that a violation could lead to … [Read more...]

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