Civil Prosecution after an Accident with a Pedestrian or Cyclist

In our last blog post, we discussed our excitement of the upcoming Spring season and how pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can safely coexist when enjoying the weather and roadways. Unfortunately, as many tips as we provide, sometimes … [Read more...]

Car Accidents on Icy Roads: Who is At Fault?

March 3, 2014 is a day that will likely be remembered for quite some time in Nashville, and the rest of Tennessee for that matter. After a particularly cold winter, and with hopes of a warm Spring on the horizon, Nashville got hit once again … [Read more...]

5 Important Things To Do If Injured in a Car Accident

There are certain things in life that only happen to the other guy. That is, until they happen to you. Getting injured in a car accident is one of those things. Although getting in a car crash is not an everyday occurrence, it is far more … [Read more...]

Can Legal Cell Phone Use be Grounds for a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Although texting while driving is illegal in Tennessee, talking on a cell phone is not. However, cell phone usage can lead to distracted driving, car accidents and even fatalities. TN Leads in Fatal Crashes Involving Cell Phones According to … [Read more...]

Possible Overservice of Patron Leads to Fatal Wrong-Way Crash

Rebecca Benson, 22, is facing a vehicular homicide charge for her involvement in a wrong-way crash that claimed the life of Steffanie Leonard, 29, in February.  Police maintain that Benson was driving the wrong way when she merged onto I-65 … [Read more...]

Automotive Black Box Technology Under Congressional Consideration

Congress has begun weighing an expansive auto safety bill that would require all new cars to be equipped with Event Data Recorders or "black boxes" to record crash data, similar to those used in airplanes. These boxes could provide … [Read more...]

What Those Involved in Civil and Criminal Cases Need to Know about Facebook and other Social Media Sites

David and Ben Raybin authored an article that was recently published in the Tennessee Bar Journal on this topic. Such article highlights the many concerns that attorneys should have about their client having a facebook, my space, twitter, etc. … [Read more...]

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