David Raybin is a partner at Raybin & Weissman and he heads up the criminal defense section of the firm. With more than 35 years of experience, David has been named the Best Criminal Lawyer in Nashville by Best Lawyers in America, and listed among the Best Criminal Lawyers in the state by Tennessee Business magazine.

Meet the Press: Dealing with the Media in High Profile Cases

"In the context of judicial proceedings, an attorney's First Amendment rights are not without limits. Although litigants and lawyers do not check their First Amendment rights at the courthouse door, those rights are often subordinated to other … [Read more...]

Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Letter to the Governor

David Raybin drafted the July 29, 2015 letter  which TACDL sent to the Chair and Members of the Governor's Task Force which will have its final meeting in Nashville on August 6, 2015. The Governor's Task Force is considering recommendations … [Read more...]

Stick to your Guns: Can You Lose Your Firearm Rights in a Divorce Case?

     Can you lose your gun rights in a divorce case? It is certainly possible. Persons subject to domestic relations civil injunctions or orders may lose their firearm rights even where the order says nothing about firearms. Whether the … [Read more...]

Challenging a Conviction After the Sentence has Expired

Cases:  State v. Adrian R. Brown and State v. James D. Wooden Issue:  May a conviction may be challenged after the sentence has expired? Facts:  In State v. Brown, Mr. Brown was convicted of a drug offense which was apparently used to … [Read more...]

Letters of Support in Criminal Sentencing Hearings

Letters relevant to punishment are allowed in sentencing hearings in state and federal court. Gathering letters of support is a good thing for your client’s family to do, but they often do not know how to go about it. Here is an example of … [Read more...]

Ben Raybin’s Client Prevails in TN Supreme Court Case

The Tennessee Supreme Court has held in favor of a man represented by attorney Ben Raybin, who argued that the State failed to follow proper procedure in seizing property. Tennessee's civil forfeiture statutes allow the State to obtain … [Read more...]

Election of Offenses

Case:  State of Tennessee v. Jimmy Dale Qualls Issue:  Was the State’s election of offenses sufficiently specific? Facts:  Defendant was convicted of abusing his two daughters over a lengthy period of time. The case was reversed the … [Read more...]

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