Termination of Parental Rights

Case:  In re Jude D. Issue:  Was there sufficient proof that termination of parental rights was in the child’s best interests? Facts:  DCS placed Mother’s children in the custody of Foster Parents. The trial court found clear and … [Read more...]

Stock Valuation

Case:  Athlon Sports Comm. v. Stephen Duggan Issue:  Is the Delaware Block Method the proper way to value shares of stocks? Facts:  Athlon completed a merger which converted the minority dissenting shareholders’ shares into cash … [Read more...]

Divorce Injunctions

Case:  Rose Coleman v. Bryan Olson Issue:  What is the remedy when a spouse violates the automatic injunction resulting from a divorce petition? Facts:  Shortly after a divorce was filed, Wife changed her life insurance beneficiary from … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know When Charged With Domestic Violence

Domestic violence offenses are treated differently than every other kind of assault offense. These differences exist before, during, and after a case goes to court. “Domestic” cases are where the suspect and victim are related, dating, … [Read more...]

Good Faith Exception for Search Warrants

Cases:  State v. Lindsey Lowe and State v. Angela Daniel Issue:  When does the Exclusionary Rule Reform Act permit mistakes in the issuance and serving of search warrants? Facts:  Both of these unrelated cases contain errors relating to … [Read more...]

FAQ: Expungement of Tennessee Convictions

Many people with a prior criminal record contact us with questions about having their record expunged, which is a legal procedure that removes a conviction from your record. Unfortunately, Tennessee laws put many restrictions on who can … [Read more...]

Severances, Transferred Intent, and Double Jeopardy

Case:  State of Tennessee v. Lajuan Harbison Issues: (1) When should co-defendants have separate trials? (2) Can transferred intent support a voluntary manslaughter conviction? (3) Can a person receive multiple convictions for … [Read more...]

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