How Can Cyntoia Brown Be Released From Prison?

Photo credit: Mbure/Wikipedia Cyntoia Brown, a Tennessee inmate serving a life sentence, has been in the news recently after celebrities and viral internet campaigns brought her case to light. Kim Kardashian even recruited her own lawyer to … [Read more...]

Sex Offender Probation

Case:  State v. Westley A. Albright Issue:  Can a person on sex offender probation be violated for failing to admit his or her crime? Facts:  Defendant pled nolo contendere to a sex offence. As a condition of probation, Defendant agreed … [Read more...]

Accrual of Civil Actions

Case:  David R. Smith v. The Tennessee National Guard Issue:  Did the case “accrue” upon discovery of injury, or upon creation of a legal remedy? Facts:  In 2011, Smith separated from the Tennessee National Guard, alleging that he had … [Read more...]

Attempted Creation of Child Pornography

Case:  State of Tennessee v. David Scott Hall Issue:  Was the evidence sufficient to prove the Defendant attempted to produce child pornography where the victim was expected only to change clothes? Facts:  The Victim testified that she … [Read more...]

Retroactivity of Constitutional Challenges to Criminal Statutes

Case:  State of Tennessee v. Christopher Minor Issue:  If a criminal law is found unconstitutional after trial, can the issue be raised for the first time on appeal? Facts:  Defendant was convicted of various offenses, including the … [Read more...]

Warrantless Search of Parolees and Probationers

Case:  State of Tennessee v. Janet Michelle Stanfield, Tony Alan Winsett, and Justin Bradley Stanfield Issue:  When can law enforcement do a warrantless search on probationers and parolees? Facts:  A probationer, parolee, and another … [Read more...]

Health Care Liability Action Pre-Suit Notice

Case:  Tiffine Wendalyn Gail Runions, et al. v. Jackson-Madison County General Hospital District, et al. Issue:  What happens when pre-suit notice misidentifies the proper defendant, but the defendant receives the notice? Facts:  The … [Read more...]

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